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Finally got the Kittens!!

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Well we finally got our two rescue kittens!

This is Murray

And this is Bentley

Although I'm sure he's supposed to sleep IN the bed and not UNDER it!!!
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OMG how cute are they!
I'm in love with Bentley's black nose and Egyptian style eyeliner
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Oh how cute are they! We need more pics, that's for sure!!
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They are beautiful
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Awww, so darling!!! I love the little black and pink toes! May I ask, what is the story behind them?
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oh my!they're adorable!!!!
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Awww they are so cute ..... Yes we need more pics !!!!! Bentley is so funny under the bed
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They are adorable! Would you say Bentley doesn't want his picure taken? Poor baby.
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OMG! They're adorable! Bentley under the bed is hysterical!

I agree. We definitely need more pictures of these sweeties.
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what cuties!
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Will post some more pics when we get them.

We got these two from a local(ish) rescue centre (about an hour's drive away). There were five kittens alltogether and they had been found in a cardboard box by the side of a busy road when they were a couple of weeks old.

They're about 12-13 weeks now and I have to say that they are the friendliest kittens I have ever known. I warned the kids that when we got them home for the first time they would probably run behind the sofa and hide but how wrong was I?! They both jumped straight up onto the kids laps for strokes and didn't stop purring!!

Now they follow us round everywhere we go and constantly want loving attention!

Also can't belive how good they are - they use the litter tray (no accidents yet and we've had them nearly a week), they don't climb or scratch where they're not supposed to and if you tell them NO they look at you, give a little chirp and then stop whatever it was they were doing!
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Awwwww look at those little imps, their both gorgeous! Bentley looks so cute under the bed
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They're gorgeous! I love Bentley sleeping under the bed!
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