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Cat attacked me then other cat

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Well, I am back in turmoil again. Back in August, my cats were fighting with each other so I took them to the vet and she put them both on amytriptyline. I have been giving that trandermal every day since August. Thought things were getting better. Today, completely out of the blue, Salem (the male cat) attacked me out of nowhere. He literally crawled up my back and scratched and bit me. I got him off and he then tore after Spook (my female cat) and attacked her. I got them seperated and put them in seperate rooms. I called my vet but she can't get me in until next week so I called another vet that might be able to get me in sooner. Spook is hiding in my bedroom and Salem is in the bathroom but I can't even get near him. I opened the door and he growled and hissed at me. I need to move him into another room but I don't know how. I am soooooooo upset and scared. I can't believe this is happening. Nothing has changed, no one was here but me and there are no new smells or anything so I have no idea what possibly triggered this.
I have a mandatory class I have to attend tonight but I would really appreciate if anyone could give me their thoughts and advice. I will check my email before I leave and when I get home.
Thank you.
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I don't remember the status of your cats from your other posts...

Are they both spayed or neutered?

Have you bought a few Feliway plugins and sprays?

Have you tried pure vanilla extract on them both?

Have you given them some time to be reintroduced after taking them to the vet?
(cats smell differently after going and they may not recognize each other after)

When you took them to the vet, did the vet check them specifically for illnesses or do bloodwork or something? I don't just mean looking in their mouth and ears and eyes and saying ok they are healthy? Often cats react agressively toward each other if they are not feeling well or if they sense something different in another cat or in you.
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Both fixed. Have the feliway in both rooms. They haven't been to the vet yet. I am trying to get them in.
They have been getting along. It seemed like Salem just freaked out and then attacked me. Just a little bit ago they were laying around like normal.
Salem has attacked me before but it was when he was fighting with his sister and I went to seperate them and when I picked her up, he came after me. Usually it is the female that gets upset and starts this problem but this time it was the male.
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What a stressful situation for you, Salem, and Spook, Aimee. I wonder if this may be a case of redirected aggression. It's possible everything will go back to normal once they have an opportunity to settle down. Consider Jen's suggestion of gradual reintroduction. Right now, it's important that you give them their space. Don't force them to interact, with you or with each other. If Spook wants to be in the bedroom, let her, and if Salem feels like staying in the bathroom, that's ok. Make available to them whatever they need, water, food, litter tray, etc. If Salem is upset, don't try to confront him. When he's ready, let him come to you. Keep everything calm, talk in a soft voice. Do not make direct eye contact with him. I'm glad you'll be getting them to the Vet as soon as you can get them in. In cases such as this, I'm inclined to wonder what's at the root of the problem. The Amitriptyline is a bandaid, not a solution. Please let us know how Salem and Spook are today.
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I wonder if he saw another cat out the window and, as happens all the time, turned around and attacked you both - kind of misplaced aggression. This usually wears off in a day (often 20 mins) if left alone (don't try to make 'nice' with him), but if that can't be the case, then you do need to deal with it, whatever it is.
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Having been bitten and scratched by a feral cat who was attacking my cats five weeks ago today, I sympathise. But I just want to warn you to look after the bites and get them seen to properly. Although I went straight to hospital I am still taking antibiotics five weeks later, and there is still infection in one site on my head.
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FYI: The link

Medications For Aggression

... the antihistamine, cyproheptadine (Periactin) has a prozac-like effect in cats... an average sized cat 2mg a day. This drug can be given for long periods of time with no apparent side effects.
Cats that are truly emotionally dysfunctional might benefit from amytriptyline (Elavil 5-10mg/cat/day) or fluoxetine (Prozac 0.5-4.0mg/day).
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Well I sure hope I can get them into the vet soon. I am going crazy. I can't eat, my stomach is sooo upset. I am beside myself. The worst part is, I think they know I am getting fearful of both of them.
I just hope that I can find an answer.
I should have known that this would not be good when I first got them and they didn't get along and it has just progressed from there. I'm still waiting to see when the vet can get me in.
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Good luck with the Vet and hopefully things will get better.
Some cats just aren't meant to be in a mulitiple cat house.
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I agree. I am taking Salem into the vet on Monday morning. He is still very angry towards me. It just breaks my heart.
I just hope he will calm down a little bit. I feel so bad being isolated from him.
My jessie that I had for 17 years was absolutely unable to be with other cats. I tried introducing her to other kitties over the years but it was not going to happen.
Thanks for the good luck. I need all the prayers and good vibes I can get for my babies and me.
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Definitely hoping for the best, Aimee!
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