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Last night Dh and I were being, ahem, romantic, and suddenly Midget pounced right on my face! I was , but Dh was not amused.
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Bella has slept *on* me since our first night together on the sofa. Rowan usually sleeps with us, but he's not so needy that way, usually. He does wake me up a couple times a night to have his ears scratched.

The cats have gone through periods of night wakefulness, but they generally calm down and we all get a good night's rest. I used to lock them out in the mornings, though, when they started playing chase on the bed. At the old place, the litterboxes and food were in a separate area of the house, so I could. Now, the only places to put the boxes are in the closet, so that's a blissfully remembered option.
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pisces sleeps in bed with me tho he dosent always stay there all night. when i first got him, i had to hand rear him from being a week & a half old. i would have him in bed with me to keep him walm & to feed him in the night but once he didnt need feeding at night & he started getting playful we couldnt have him in the bedroom. he would sit on the floor at the bottom of the bed & swipe at our feet under the covers, even if we wernt moving them & he would pounce all over us in bed. my fiance coudnt cope with him because he was too playful at bed time no matter what we did. he has settled alot now & comes to bed with us. i have 1/2 an hour of petting him (or more it just depends how long he wants stroking for) & him snuggled up to me then when he's had enough he will sleep on the end of the bed.
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Our twins are about six monthes old and they are not allowed to sleep with us! We tried when we first we got them (at about 8 weeks) to have them sleep with us, I almost cried at the idea of locking the little babies out of the room. However, after about two weeks of little sleep your attitude changes. We let them stay in the room with us as we watch tv and relax before bed, but once we are ready to sleep we let them out. By the sounds of it they have track practise every night for an hour or so anyways!!! To this day I'll try about once a month to see if they have settled down enough to sleep with us, but they haven't. Ross chew/bites/scratches my hair. Monica is good, but I can't keep one cat in and the other out. The cute thing is, when I get up to go to the bathroom at night they are sleeping in their kennels. That's where they choose to sleep (after their track practise).

Don't feel bad about not having your cat sleep with you, sleep is a very important part of your health.
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I had a yellow lab for 14 1/2 years...she slept on her bed by mine. She never got on any of the furniture. When she passed I got my two raggies. Ok , cats are different !!! I have banned them from the bedroom at night. I put them in a 10 x12 play room...that has all their toys, litter box, food , water and cat tree. I am all the way on the other side of the house...I know they are bouncing off the walls playing. But much better there than in my room. I need my sleep I get cranky. My husband occasionally sneaks them in the room...but it never lasts because they are so active at night. *lol* i just love cats...wish I hadnt waited so long to get them!
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My oscar ( we have had him for 5.5 wks. ) sleeps with us on a waterbed. He used to play with us and we'd put him outside in the living room. He'd whine and we didn't let him in... Its so SOOO hard. but anyway now he lays in between our legs. Eventually, he'll get a clue.
Hope this helps
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Usually they don't all night long as they want to play "race track" also,.lol,.& also,...my maltese just had surgery(spayed),.so I need her to be able to be quiet & rest alittle bit more right now,..& the kittens are rather "honery" at times,..even if they are SO funny & so wonderful,..lol,.plus I HAVE to be able to sleep since I have Fibro/CFS,..& sleep is VERY important to my pain level,...& all,..,.I do try keeping them with me as long as I can before actually going to sleep though,...like some have mentioned in a previous post,....Have a great evening,...,..TLEA
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