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Make the Ragweed STOP!!

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I'm dying today.. I swear for the past two days,, I've done nothing but sniffle and try to breath... Uggggghh..

This allergies from this ragweed is killing me..... It's getting colder. . So i can't wait for the day it kills that stuff off!!

Sorry I had to vent... I hate allergies... It's the only thing, other then lots of dust that I'm allergic too!! I shouldn't complain I know...

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I feel your pain, my allergies have been non-stop since spring... ya think I'll take anything though? heck no! I'll just suffer It might have something to do with me being mildly allergic to cats and living with a rapidly growing number of them though
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I have recently become alergic to somthing it's driving me nuts. I feel like a headcase Literally! I hope I get over it when the snow comes.
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I just checked the pollen report and that confirmed its ragweed that has been driving me crazy for a while now. On top of that, I have a cold that wont go away.
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Well when the temps hit 28F the ragweed will go away!!!
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Ughh, allergies, I'm allergic to dogs (thankfully not cats!!!) dust mites and pollen as well as anaphylaxic to like a million food things!! Well, at least you're going into winter! It's spring here and I have hayfever right at the time of end-of-year exams too!!!

(Angelkitty, we have the same name!!!! Enkeli = angel in Finnish!!)
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