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How often do you vacuum?

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With having 2 cats now, I find myself vacuuming ALL THE TIME!

When I was working daily - I would only get to vacuum about 1 - 2 times a week. Now that I'm home all the time, I find myself vacuuming everday - or more than once a day!

How often do you have to vacuum?
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I vaccum once a week.. If I can.. It's really hard to do with working full time, and going to school full time, and have a 4 year old daughter.. But it needs to be done with 4 cats.......

I do sweep my kitchen floor everday,, because of cat litter.. ugggh.. I hate that stuff,, my cats are such throwers,, and to top it off,, they shake their foot when they get out, and it slings on the walls.. Makes me soo mad!!

But I love the little twerps!!!
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Having 4 furbabies, it's everyother day!
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I havent vaccumed as of yet for two reasons: I dont have a vacumm yet, and shes only been here for 4 days. I will get one tonight, and I am planning on vacumming everyday, she is medium haired and sheds like crazy!
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I have a routine, when I walk through the door I feed the cats, change their water, put the kettle on, then vacuum the whole place.
Mainly because of the cat litter but I just can't relax in the lounge of there are any 'bits' on the carpet.
Maybe I'll struggle a bit when we have a bigger house in a couple of weeks
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Once a week is all I can stand. We have wood floors, which I dust mop but I vacuum the furniture and rugs and in the kitchen.
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I put every other day, but its really like every 2 days, at least that's how often the living room gets vacuumed, but the spare room, hallway and my bedroom only get done about once a week
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We try to vacuum once a week, every second week if we're busy.

Our 2 don't make a huge mess....
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HAHAHAHA I never do, I let DH do it! He hates the fuzz which mostly comes from our white dog. We have a Hoover bagless tunnel which really sucks up a lot of hair. I drool over the Dyson animal but too much money for me to spend.....
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I vacuum on average everyother day...but sometimes I have to do it everyday...Reilly is a very furry monster
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I vacuum..probably once a month...since I only have one cat and Monkey doesn't really shed...
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Twice a week here. We have light carpet and a black kitty. That's a horrible combination.
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I got lucky. Our carpet doesn't show cats hiar, or the cats match the carpet! It's white & black speckles, so white, black, & organe fur doesn't show up! I don't vacuum nearly as often as I should....mainly cause it scares Damita.... Once a month, at least. I *try* for once a week, but that doesn't usually happen.
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Originally Posted by Alaynna View Post
I vacuum..probably once a month...since I only have one cat and Monkey doesn't really shed...
You're lucky!

Harley sheds like CRAZY! We have light blue carpet, so it doesn't show, but it sure does when I vacuum! Sucks up a lot of that black hair
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We got a cat that matches our furniture and carpet! He is a tabby and we have dark beige carpets, tile and leather furniture--so I never notice his hair.

But I vaccuum every week to prevent any unncessary cat hair. Also, the hubby is slightly allergic to hair and dander, so we dust/vacuum every weekend.

The litter box area gets Dust Busted at least every other day though!
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I never vacuum, we have hardwood foors and we do a light sweep every day or so and then he vacuums about once a week
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I vaccume once or twice a week with the regular vaccume cleaner. I vaccume everyday though with my small little dustbuster to get small messes and keep the house tidy.
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I don't have carpet. I have (crappy, overly varnished) hardwood throughout, so I sweep every day/every other day and mop once a week.
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I vacuum every couple days- sometimes more, sometimes less...

But usually I HAVE to vacuum because Chad tracks so much crap (grass, mulch, dirt, leaves...) in the house! We have a dark red/burgandy carpet (previous owners choice- doesn't match anything of ours ) that shows every little speck on it & it drives me crazy! I'm hoping this winter it will slow down since he won't be doing landscaping & mowing... I'll just have salt everywhere!

There's been times where I have vacuumed two or three times in a day from him tracking stuff in...

But otherwise I usually vacuum every 2 or 3 days... when I'm lucky!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
With having 2 cats now, I find myself vacuuming ALL THE TIME!

When I was working daily - I would only get to vacuum about 1 - 2 times a week. Now that I'm home all the time, I find myself vacuuming everday - or more than once a day!

How often do you have to vacuum?
ok, i should vaccuum every day with my four. but i don't i don't vaccuum every week... or every month... actually, i think it was about 3-4 months ago the last time. i really dislike vaccuuming... can you tell?
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I have 9 cats (5 of my own; 4 fosters, who are presently quarantined in a spare bedroom until their FIV tests come back). Luckily, I can put my litter boxes for the downstairs cats in the garage, which is attached to the house via the laundry room. We installed an extra-large cat door so they can go in the garage (I used to keep 5 litter boxes in the small laundry room--yuck!). This cuts down on indoor sweeping and tracked litter. I really only have one serious shedder (downstairs), so I vacuum about twice a week. We installed laminate flooring downstairs; the rest is vinyl or tile, so it's easier to keep clean--especially when the shedder guy gets incontinent (he was an abused cat, who is about 13, and afraid of thunder and loud noises, and wets himself on the spot). However, the upstairs guys have their litter boxes in their room; we put down sheet vinyl (it's a craft room), so I sweep almost daily, and mop at least twice a week. They don't shed much, luckily!

To tell the truth, my area rugs probably could use more vacuuming than that, but I work full-time, and take care of 9 cats, so I have a great excuse!

BTW, we didn't abuse the cat mentioned above! A neighbor abandoned him shortly after we moved into the neighborhood, and we took him in--despite his abused past, he's the sweetest cat you could imagine, so loving and trusting.

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I'm the weird-y! We vacuum at least once a day. Sometimes twice. We have an apartment and two dogs (one of whom is an Alaskan Malamute mix, wooly variety) and a cat. We vacuum the common area 2x a day, usually and the bedroom 1x a day.

Mostly b/f does it. He's a weird one.

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[font="Comic Sans MS"]I vacuum the carpeted areas- living room and the bedroom the cats use- once a week usually Friday. The hall, kitchen and dining room were just redone in tile. I use a light weight rechargeable vac/sweeper for those areas every day. Now that I have the sweeper I may use it on the carpeted areas midweek. I also use the sweeper in my bedroom, which has hardwood floors. I also use the Swiffer wet mop on the tile about every two weeks. With seven cats there is always lots of hair no matter what method I use.
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Once a week for me!! Only 1 kitty so not too much fur flying around
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I vacuum daily. I used to do it a couple of times a week, but we got a pug and they shed something awful. My husband got me a roomba robot vacuum last christmas, so it makes my life soooo much easier. I just press the button, and off it goes!
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Every other day here with 2 cats and 2 little kids got to clean the floors
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I'm afraid to admit... every three weeks. I do not like vacuuming.
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Once a week vacuum of carpets, every other day sweeping of the floors in the kitchen - my Pebbles has a nasty eating habit. She takes one morsel at a time out of her bowl and eats it over the floor leaving crumbs everywhere! There are 4 bowls - so I mean everywhere!
Just out of curiousity - what do people use for vacuums? I've heard that Dyson's are the best for animal hair, but I've found that uprights in general (especially bagless) suck! (or don't suck - depending on how you look at it ). I tried an upright after my teenager burnt the motor out on my canister by letting the beater bar suck up a run of my berber carpet in the cellar and I hate my upright! When I try to vacuum the kitchen floor I can feel the dirt spitting back out on my feet. That and there's dust spitting out everywhere! This is why I sweep my floors. That and it so hard to do stairs with an upright. I honestly don't know how people use them and like them so much. Am I missing something here?
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I put once a week, cos that is my goal. But I miss pretty often. And with a dog and 3-4 cats inside, it gets pretty furry!

I have a roomba, too, but use the regular vac as well.

I don't know how people find time to vaccuum daily...it would cut into my TCS time! LOL!
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you should have added one more choice

or do you get someone else to do it
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