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caught her in the act- well my husband did

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Abi has this delicious habit of staring at me to wake me up. Of course it is totally ineffective but this morning my husband caught her in the act. at 5:30 am he reports she was sitting on my chest alert and perky just staring at me. hahahahahaa gotta love her persistance.
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you're lucky staring is all she does! Escher likes to lay on my chest or right next ot my head staring at me and then meows right in my ear! He normally does this around the time i need to wake up anyways (for their morning feeding, even though they don't get fed for at least an hour after i've woken up) but this morning he started meowing at 5:45 and continued to meow once every 10 minutes until it was time for me to wake up, I thought I was going to kill him.
post #3 of 14 two have that down pat. It actually made me open my eyes...and there were both of them (one behind the other) on the floor next to my bed just staring. Rambo gets impatient with this method and turns to random meows around the room, followed by meowing and kneading on my chest (or bladder...depending on how hungry he is!!! LOL) Too smart for their own good!
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You're lucky she just stares. Jamie used to pat my face, but now he's found a more effective method: He puts a paw between my lips!
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Lucy is pretty sly -- she knows she'll get in big trouble with my husband if she meows, so she'll do one of two things. She'll jump up on the bed and walk around us then jump down, repeating this several times. If that doesn't work, or if she's feeling more assertive, she'll jump up and plop herself on my chest, purring as loud as she can. Often I'm awake for this, but if I just ignore her, she'll give up and leave after a little while.
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Gizmo likes to sit on my chest when I am not quite awake. This can be pleasant since Gizmo is very, very light.

She sometimes leans close in, with her cute black nose making her look like a stuffed toy.

As I am admiring this...she bites my nose
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I have vague memories of a series of head butts at some point in the early hours - obviously didn't quite do the trick!

Yesterday, kitty had a nice long lie in, she laid in bed watching me as I got up, put her food out, scooped her litter tray and got ready for work - she was still in bed, lazily watching me when I finally rushed out the door - think she was waiting for me to bring her a tray and the morning paper!
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Bijou will lick my eyelids and nose. Imagine running sandpaper over your tender eyelids.
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I wake up frequently to Abby either sitting on the floor next to the bed staring at me and purring really loud, or laying next to me staring at me. Kind of freaky, LOL

Chynna wakes me up by clambering all over the water bed and back and forth across my pillows until she finally settles on the pillow next to me and then begins to lick my nose. And if my nose isn't close enough to her, or I pull my head away a bit, she reaches out with her paw and grabs my lower lip and pulls my head back towards her. Thank God I cut her nails short!
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stoli. . . .how can I describe this. . .


He'll jump up and down from the bed to the floor/dresser/tv/lamp. Perhaps bring underwear or a sock or two up to play with on the bed. It gets so bad sometimes (because it's not just in the morning hours) that I either put him in a head lock so he'll stay calm OR he has to go into his room for awhile.
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yeah my cat does that while i am trying to sleep and when i am wide awake, when i am trying to sleep i would see her stare at me and she would let out a small miaow and if i move the miaow gets louder and more often until shes fed, or while i am watching TV she will sit on my belly and lay her little cute face down while she sleeps, that's pretty cute
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More than one of my crew has jumped on me and kneaded for a while in hopes of waking me. Steve has seen Magic meow loudly in my ear in the past. Every now and then Boo will stick her nose in me ear while purring loudly.

My poor kits do all these things pretty much to no avail since I tend to sleep like a dead body in the mornings.
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Originally Posted by tru View Post
My poor kits do all these things pretty much to no avail since I tend to sleep like a dead body in the mornings.

your lucky i am a very light sleeper so any noise will wake me up including nightshade's wailing first thing in the morning.
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Lynx will snuggle up and purr loudly. If that doesn't work he 'bites' my chin or cheek. And I mean, he gets it in his mouth, barely holding me with his teeth and just sit there. I can feel the teeth against my skin, but it doesn't hurt. It almost seems more like a threat then anything.
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