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We'll miss you, Pepsi.

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Technically, Pepsi isn't my pet. He's a deer at the Wildlife and Exotic Animal Center, where I've been volunteering at since June of 2005. He's about fifteen years old, and very, very sweet. He'd run into fences so many times that half his face is paralyzed so his tongue hangs out and his antlers grow in backwards, so he's a little funny looking but I loved him. My first semester as a student there, I was in charge of cleaning out the water of his pen, where he lived with his twin sons and two emus. He was always friendly and liked being patted, and since his tongue wasn't cooperative I helped him by brushing out the winter coat that he couldn't get rid of on his own. He is without a doubt, my absolute favorite animal there.

Lately he'd been doing poorly, and I just got a call that he was euthanized earlier this morning. I know it's for his own good and I'm glad he's not suffering anymore. But I still can't stop crying. I've been busy and haven't been able to go volunteer or visit him since about halfway through August, and I don't think I've ever regretted that more.

It's a huge loss to me, and everyone who has worked there over the past fifteen years. I'll miss you, buddy.
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What a little sweetheart. With such a rough life he had.. I'm soo sorry for the loss.. I'm sure he's much happier now......

You made a difference in his life by helping him and cleaning him.. I know that meant alot to him,, since the simplest things were probably almost hard for him.....

Lots of love and prayers for the little guy,,,
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Sorry to hear about Pepsi. He's over that Bridge now though, and he's happy where he is, and wouldn't want you to be sad over him.
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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Pepsi. He is now running free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure he is looking down and sending you his love and gratitute for taking care of him during his time on earth.

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He looks like a really sweet, goofy guy! Just because he's not a "lap pet" doesn't mean he shouldn't be equally loved, that's for sure.

I'm sorry about his passing, RIP Pepsi.
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I'm sorry to hear about Pepsi! He was a beautiful animal inside and out. You can see in his eyes how grateful he was feeling to be loved and looked after with kindness.
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What a sweet face he has bless him He's jumping about happily over at Rainbow Bridge now, but he won't ever forget you

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What a wonderful tribute to Pepsi. I'm sorry you weren't able to say goodbye. Condolences on his loss!
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Oh I am sorry to hear about your sad loss. He looks a fine & happy boy and was obviously loved loads

Heres sending warm & healing {{{{{ hugs }}}}}}

RIP Pepsi, run and play with all the fur-family over the bridge
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Pepsi. Enjoy your perfect health in deer heaven.
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