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The door is OPEN!

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Brady has been cooped up in the downstairs bedroom for a month. The past few days the door has been open a crack.

He now comes out to see me if I enter the room.

At first when Brady noticed that dogs were outside the door, he would crawl back under the bed. Then he would hiss. Zircon understood since he speaks "cat" and left. Sophia just sat there, wondering when her new friend would come out to play.

Now Brady will occasionally hiss at Sophia (Golden Retriever) but yesterday I fed them all bits of cheese and they ate with their food bowls within 4-5' feet of each other. Funny, Sophia will lay right at the door and be interested in a potential new friend and instinctively NOT stare at thim, but instead lie motionless.

He now plays with his toys.

There have been no serious litter box issues except for the occasional tootsie roll in FRONT of the box. Since I am a dog person and have revised my definition of "gross" to meet theirs (actually dogs do not understand this concept at all), this is not a huge problem for me.

I had my coffee cup in the carpet this morning and Brady went to investigate it, just like a normal, curious cat.

So I decided the time is right. I left the door open. Doors to the outside and to the garage are to stay closed for a month. After that it will be too $#@% cold anyway. One of the two litter boxes is in the spot that we reserve for litter boxes. And I picked up another package of those american singles, just in case we have 'cheese treat bonding' again.
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It certainly sounds as if you're making progress. Before you know it, they'll be cuddling together (dogs make great hot water bottles for cats).
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YAY!!! Congrats, great progress! Go Brady!
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