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Flea collers, NOT GOOD! A heads up!

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Hi guys, I just wanted to share something I learned at the animal hospital I use to work at.

Those flea collers you put around your dogs neck are toxic! Please dont use them and use frontline or something else similar.

We had a puppy die from it and he wasnt even wearing one, the older dog in the same house was, and when the puppy would play with the older dog, he get the coller in his mouth, which ended up killing him. Not that he choked on the coller, but he licked it and ingested toxins from the collar, can happen with kids too who play with there dogs.

These things are very toxic and not a lot of people know.

I just wanted to share b/c Ive seen a lot of people put these on their dogs and ive seen many dogs come in sick or dying from them. It harmful to humans too and any other animals you might have in your home who comes in contact with it, like cats.

keep em safe!
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Same goes for cats! That is why we all warn against them here. Best thing for a flea collar is to cut it up and place it in the vacuum bag so it kills all the fleas picked up by the vacuum.
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Don't trust the "holistic" flea collars either! "Natural" does not mean it's safe. Many of these use toxic plant-based chemicals, often just naturally-occuring versions of other neurotoxins used on insects. Key word here is neurotoxin. Not to be put on the skin!!!

Although I do use them in the vacuum cleaner, but the animals can't touch them there.
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Some of the natural collars are safe, though... Some do not use toxins that kill insects but rather use things that repel insects (insects do not like) such as citronella.
Also even things like Frontline can be toxic if ingested-- if you have a dog or cat that licks the other pets or chews on their collars you need to be very careful about any type of spray or collar for fleas...
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Well it IS poison in the collars. I find them pretty useless to begin with and would not waste my money on a flea collar for cat or dog.

We use BioSpot on our dog - she's never had one flea on her - the BioSpot is more for ticks/mosquitos then fleas (tho it kills all 3). The cats have never had fleas so we don't use anything on them.
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I certainly agree - flea collars are a no-no. Our two kitties get Revolution applied once per month from April until October. They are then separated for the night until the medication dries so they don't lick each other.
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thanks for the info
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