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advise on how to admister eye drops

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Hi All,

one of my cats has an double eye infection(one eye has had the inner eyelid sown up as the ulcer wasnt getting any better to help it heal) and the vet gave me drops that he needs 4 times a day which is fine in principle but he fights really hard when doing them i manage to do them ok when my partner is home from work but im finding it difficult when i have to do them alone,does anyone have any advise which would be the best way to hold him when trying to administer the drops?

p.s.he is also wearing a lampshade thingy on his head so he cant pull out the stitch on his eye which seems to make it harder.

any advise would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks

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First of all....welcome to the site!

I would recommend wrapping your kitty in a towel (not so tight as to hurt him of course)

It might make it easier to administer the drops when you are by yourself.
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Hi If you have a glass top table or any kind of surface that it slick you can put him on it makes it easier because when he is trying to get away and you are holding on to him his feet will just slid and it makes it a bit easier.
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Hi, luckily our cats are good about eye drops but I used to treat a barn cat that was no so much into the medicine. The best thing we found was to wrap her in a towel and have one person hold her, then I had both hands free, one to manually open the eye and the other to add the drops.

Good Luck!
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The towel is definatley a good idea. Make sure to tuck all those little limbs in there, and keep it tight enough so that they can't wiggle out. I managed to do eye cream by myself, but a second person would definately have been nice. Good luck!!
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Just adding my vote for wrapping him snugly in a towel. This is what I've done when my kitties needed eye medicine, and it worked great. I hope your kitty feels better soon!
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Thanks everyone for the advise i will definately try wrapping him in a towel!
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