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Horrid sad horse story.

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I live a 5 minute drive away from one of Canada's best race tracks. There was a horrible fire in one of the barns on Sunday. At last count 31 horses are dead and many more are suffering burns. You can smell a horrid smell of cooked horse flesh in the air. It was a tragic day! Here is the complete story. Fire
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Oh, that is so awful. We had a barn fire here in West Kentucky last year in which 18 (if I remember correctly) horses were killed. It was ruled arson, but the jury acquitted (spelling?) the guy who set the fire.
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That is SO sad!!! Those poor horses!!!
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I just started shaking when I was reading this story. It's so horribly sad.
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This is incredibly sad.

I am still waiting to hear if Yvonne Goes On (the horse dedicated to my mom) was anywhere near there during this tragedy. I'm guessing that "No News is Good News". My step-father had not even heard about the fire when I called him last night to see if he knew anything. His brother normally has quite a few race horses boarding there on a regular basis. I'm not sure why he hasn't heard anything.....good or bad. It seems weird that no family member has even called him. I'm tempted to call again to ask but I think he'll think I'm a pest.

Let's just hope that she was not anywhere near there at the time.

Those poor, poor, horses. What a horrible thing to happen.

I can't believe that the guy who set the fire in West Kentucky was acquitted !!! Shame on the jury. If it's "arson", it should be an automatic "guilty" verdict. But wait...I suppose that the guy in question was not in his "right frame of mind".....then again,they never are.
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See this bothers me less than a recent occurance that has been happening in this area.

A year and a half ago, a mother and her foal were out in their field over night because it was a hot night... someone entered the pasture and beat the mother to death with a hammer and the foal was seriously injured too.

Then 6 months later it happened again in a different town. This summer has been a drive by shooting of cows. So far the police have no clue...
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