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4 fangs

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Has anyone ever saw a cat that has 4 top fangs? My kitty has been loseing his baby teeth. He lost his 2 top fangs and 4 grew back! Do u think this hurts him? He dosent act like it bothers him but what do u guys think?
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I'm really not sure what to tell you about that Patti. But I moved the thread here, to the health section, so maybe someone who knows more than I do can see it and answer it for you.
Welcome to the forums by the way!
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I have never really seen 4 of them. Maybe when they are all grown in..only 2 of them will really stand out and the other 2 will just be pointy. Just watch your fingers..LOL
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My Meathead had 4 fangs when his teeth were coming in. They fell out on their own within two weeks. If they don't, you should have the vet extract them so that his adult teeth will come in straight. They don't make kitty braces!! I actually found two of them and kept them!!
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Is your cat double pawed? I had a friend who had a double pawed cat that had double fangs. My double pawed monster doesn't... yet.
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