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Watery Bowels

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Kella started to have watery bowel movements last night.. I picked her up and must had hit her stomach and well she had one, and then my husband did the same thing, and she had another one on him too. (he wasn’t happy about this.. )

Here’s what is going on,, she’s always had pretty runny poop, but never like this. She was checked out by the doctor and he didn’t find anything wrong with her,, all her test came back fine.. Then I adopted her to another lady last Wednesday, and I guess she didn’t do the food right and switched her food to science diet,, then it wasn’t working for her and her cat,, so I took her back on Monday, and started to feed her back on her old food,, since I don’t have science diet. So her stomach has gone through some hoops the past week or so…

What should I do for her diarrhea??? Will it fix on its own, or should I do something else to help her,, because it’s literally almost looks like water when she poops,, not even just really runny poop…
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I really recommend taking her to the Vet as she is probably quickly becoming dehydrated and needs fluids replaced ASAP. If your first vet couldn't find anything you could always try another for a second opinion but I would definately not wait on getting her into a vet. The vet will want to do a physical exam and most likely fluids to get her rehydrated.
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any ideas?
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It does not sound normal that she has always had runny poop. I would go back to the vet with a sample and get more tests done. Some parasites cause that and htey are not always apparent at hte first tests.
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If not worms then maybe a bacterial infection. I just went through that with my two kittens. The vet had them on Zithromax ond Boo had to have two courses of it.

Boo also seems to have IBS and can eat dry food with no problems, but the wet food I have to limit to Venison and pea that Sharky reccommended and I will also be getting some Rabbitt and Pea to try, (supposed to be better even better than the Venison), next month when I can afford it.

The vet told me that I should pick a food and stick with it because of her sensitivity. She said that some cats do outgrow the sensitivity, but not all.

I really want to be able to give her a wet food on a regular basis because I know it's healthier, but it has to be something her tummy can tolerate, (of course).

As I have learned here, it would probably be best to pick a food with one protein such as California Natural Chicken and Rice or Felidae Chicken and Rice for dry foods.

My vet also had me feed food for sensitive stomachs.

I hope you can get the problem diagnosed and taken care of quickly.
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