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Hillarious! Ridiculous cat at the human society

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So I went to the humane society today again to go see what was available (still deciding... so hard to make a choice). And there was this male cat that was completely jet black with tight fur except for a tiny white patch on the tip of his chin and the bottom half of his whiskers were white. Wierd enough for you yet? Well even wierder is that his face looks siamese/oriental. Definately has some siamese in him (has a rather raspy meow, pretty chatty too). However, his rear end is pretty plump, and has a short, chubby, very tapered (but poofy!) tail. It's like someone got the front half of a siamese and glued it onto a chubby kitten .

He was a pretty cool cat, kind nervous, always looking around and kinda twitchy. His big ears were doing the radar thing nonstop. But he was almost like... a dog. Very giddy, snap fingers and he comes over for a pet, rolls on his back and head butts your hand, and the other half the time he was stuffing his face (no wonder his butt was so big). Gotta take some . Think his name was Casper.

Jovi, one of the black kittens I was thinking about potentially adopting was still there and I think he definately wants to go home (I want a black kitty much, though I'm kinda picky...). He's very much the runt of the litter (almost look like he shrank from the last time I saw him . Wanna take him home and fatten him up) but that's kinda perfect for me since I want a tiny cat. He was much more clingly this time, even venturing to climb on my shoulder and take a nap. His brother Bon got adopted, but I didn't know he had a twin sister! I think I might take him and his sister, but Casper is too much fun! So hard to decide...
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Good luck with the decision.
I went to get Mia and saw Sapphire in the cage with her.I fell in love with both girls, and adopted them right then!!
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I love having three cats!! Go for all three, they will love you for it. Think of all the excitement.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
I love having three cats!! Go for all three, they will love you for it. Think of all the excitement.
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Oh my gosh...another Jovi!! I never in a million years would have thought there would be another one. (Boo's name is actually Jovi!)

Coming from a HUGE Bon Jovi fan...GET JOVI!!!!!
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I would try to adopt the oldest kitty.....I would go for an adult kitty over a kitten simply because it is harder for them to find homes in most cases. Adult black cats are usually the last ones adopted. I would go for the oldest of the two Or maybe both
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Casper sounds like a hoot and he would be a lot of fun! But I know its a hard decision!!
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I say go for Casper. Chances are everyone will think he's odd looking & ignore him...
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I vote or Caspar too

And I agree about adopting an older cat because their chances of finding a home are slim
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I vote for Casper too. The adults have a more difficult time finding a home. He'll love you for giving him a home.
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Oh good luck! The last 2 times I've gone to the shelter to get one cat I ended up with 2, so I'm not much help!
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I wish I could adopt from the Humane Society, but I live in a building that has a "no pets" policy. And while I've lived here for 10 years and have never hidden my cats from the management, if the Humane Society contacted them they would tell them that there is a "no pets" policy and the adoption would be vetoed So I take in strays and adopt my kitties from friends and family.
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Well, who do you have?
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
Well, who do you have?
I'm gonna go pick up Jovi today when the humane society opens! Casper seemed sort of down lately (slept most of the time I see him now). I'll see how Jovi settles in, and if he looks bored/lonely, I'll definately take Casper in (the two seem to get along really well, then again, Jovi seems to get along with everyone). Doesn't mean I won't see Casper or the other cats, I'll still visit them couple times a week (so fun there, can't resist).
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Maybe Casper is sad and lonely in the cage and that's why he's sleeping? I can't imagine it's very fun being in a cage.

Anyway you can adopt both together? They sound like buddies already, and waiting they will probably forget each other and have a hard time bonding later.
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I have a soft spot in my heart for Casper already..hopefully you get to take him too I'm sure he would open up to you and become less twitchy and depressed if he had his own home and loving meowmy
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