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Invited to a wedding, i need your help!!

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Tristan (my bf) and i went to his friends engagement party a couple of months ago, and now i've been told i've been invited to his wedding (the party was the first time i met him, so i'm excited to be invited)

The question i have is, what does one wear to a wedding as a guest? I'm not utterly rich, so i can't go and buy some luscious dress, also, i'm not skinny *pouts* so i dont want to look frumpy at a wedding.

Any ideas?
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It really depends on what kind of wedding it is. Some are more casual then other. I usually go with a about knee length black skirt and red or pink dressier shirt to weddings. Weddings are so fun! Well not the ceremony part but the reception is usually a blast!
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What time of the day is the wedding and is the reception immediately after? It does make a difference...
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The wedding is midday. I'm not sure how soon after the reception is.

And it's almost summer here, blah!
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Unless it is an formal affair, or on a saturday night with dinner, anything professional, or dressy should work. Something you would wear on a job interview, or church should suffice.
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I agree...anything you would wear to church is ok.

The only colour you don't want to wear is all white...it may sound like a no brainer but I have been to a wedding before where a guest wore a white sundress.

You may also want to ask around to the some of the other guests that are attending...although etiquette books state that it's ok to wear all black, some cultures and age groups still believe it's in bad taste.
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I always ask anyone I know that is going what they are wearing...

I never buy something new to go to a wedding though, unless its a close friend..I always improvise..

I know how you feel, I have one coming up in November...what does someone wear to a winter wedding?? It'll be cold I think...oh well.

Goodluck, let us know what you choose!
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Get a black dress...can't go wrong and everyone should have one in their closet for these types of special occasions. You can probably find some good sales now too.
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since it is not an evening wedding it shouldn't be very formal....I would wear whatever you are comfortable in...a skirt and blouse would look nice...and pretty much any fall colors would work...
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