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Coyotes are a problem here as well. I see them on my way to work sometimes. I think "I live in the city!" But there they are.

Raccoons are a real danger too. They are mean little critters.

Speaking of Coyotes though. I have to tell this story. There was a shelter that took in a dead Coyote. Shelter policy is to scan every animal that comes in. They scanned the coyote and got a hit for a mircochip. They were shocked! However, the microchip traced back to a cat. Yes, that is right Mr. Coyote ate the kitty cat. Yikes! Imagine having to make that phone call.
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My friends live in Vancouver.
One of my other friends had her two cats killed by coyotes right on English Beach. (that's in the downtown!)
Coyotes are in New Jersey and New York.
The cat can't possibly deal with them.

And it's about time someone pointed out that letting your cat out means it may travel across someone else's property. That is not a desirable thing to most people, so keep the poor kits indoors for everyone's peace of mind and safety!

what a horrible story about that last microchip--but that was one family who never let a pet cat out alone again, I'm sure.
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I live in Chicago (yes, inside the city) and a woman's miniature poodle (bigger than a toy poodle-not a tiny dog!) was attacked by a coyote a mile from my house while she was walking him on leash! They were in a mall parking lot, and the coyote came up and grabbed the dog. The owner had to tug with the coyote over the dog, she was pulling on one end and the coyote on the other! She finally fought it off, hitting and kicking and pulling on her poodle... The dog was ok luckily, injured but not seriously.
Here is an article and photos of the dog:

There have also been coyotes spotted in the Loop (middle of Chicago) and downtown Chicago.

I also saw a large fox a few weeks ago, walking down the sidewalk directly in front of my house (surprise to me as I've lived here my whole life and never saw a fox in my neighborhood!)
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All 4 of my kits are strictly indoors only.Blaze on the other hand is an inside/outside cat.We live out in the country and don't have alot of traffic where we live.She isn't allowed out before 8 in the am and is in by 6 at night.
She is just soooooooooo much happier being allowed peace away from the kits and being able to run and play on our 2 acres of land.
I think it is important to do what you feel is best for your cat.If you know there aren't any dangers,then I think it's o.k to let them out.We do have wild animals around here,but as I said she is only allowed out during the day while I am at home.If I'm going to be gone.........she stays inside.
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All our cats are indoors, but before Willow, they were indoor-outdoors (they could go out whenever they wanted and come back whenever they wanted, though they always were back by midnight, right when I was heading to bed).

Yoshi - was with us for a year before he followed us to a Macs store and never did come back home
Sasha - stayed with us for a year before he got fed up with Grizzly, an obnoxious kitten we got from a friend. Sasha was seen routinely by us, though, when he came home for some food, but mostly he stayed with different families. First he stayed a couple of houses away, then moved a couple more houses down, and kept doing that until he was living a couple of blocks away. Last I saw of him was a couple of years ago, when he was probably about 12 years old.
Grizzly - stayed with us for a good 8 years before he got caught in a cat trap. Because of him, we made our next cat, Willow, be an indoor cat, because it was heartbreaking when Grizzly disappeared and we finally woke up to the dangers of the outdoors.

After converting to indoor-hood:

Willow - has been living indoors for 5 years now (all of her life). She used to crave the outdoors but around the time she turned 3, the interest died down
Buffy - has been living indoors for all of her 3 years but she LOVES the outdoors. She's the escape artist of my bunch and I worry about her constantly
Molly - been living indoors since we got her as a 5-6 month old on the streets (she's over a year old now, been living with us for 12 months now). Like Willow, she's not too interested in the outdoors, but if you take her outside, she'll have such GREAT fun! But she doesn't go racing for the door when she's back inside, which is wonderful.
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Mine only get out on a leash, and it's a very short leash. Rowan goes out pretty much every day (and only in the daylight, since he gave the fiancee the slip one evening and was devilishly hard to find), and Bella goes out when it seems like she's interested. I'm considering letting them out just supervised (one at a time, or one per human watching), because when they get freaked the just run back to the apartment door. I'll give that a few weeks thought, though. The leash isn't that much of a hardship, and it keeps me in control of where they go and what bugs they chase after. Rowan has a thing for bees that seems... unhealthy.

My kid brother's cat used to be indoor/outdoor, but he got seriously spooked the last time he was chased by a dog/coyote/big mean thing with pointy teeth. He won't go outside anymore, no matter how many treatsies you put out. I think it's a good thing. My cat when I was a kiddo died because of some sort of infection that she picked up out there. I'm sure we would have noticed she was sick if we weren't so used to her disappearing outside for days at a time when we had company.
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We got ours to be an outdoor cat. I had allergies that would make it difficult to keep her indoors all the time....However, as we've had her longer and longer, she now spends A LOT more time indoors. Oops.

Thankfully, my allergies have improved over the past two years, and she is so adorable...She still spends a good portion of her time outdoors, but if I'm off of work, she'll spend the whole day inside. We have a screened covered patio that she sleeps, so she's protected from predators at night. If it's storming out, tho, she sleeps with us.
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I lived in Southern California for a nonconsecutive period of 15 years. There were coyotes, rattlesnakes, and hawks about, day and night. There were also remarkably few (as in NO) feral cats. You can see why.

If you are in the Northeast, your cat risks picking up a tick or being bitten by a heartworm-carrying mosquito and dying a very painful death from the crud these animals carry. It's just not worth it.

The only rational reason for putting a cat outdoors in the past was so that it would 'do its business'. Modern cat litter does not smell, and with a little extra effort the stuff does not track. There is no good reason to let the cat out, especially at night.
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Pudge & Typhus are indoor cats.
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Oh yeah, I've also seen a hawk in the alley behind my house...and a few blocks away. (all during the day)
The last time I saw one it was eating something pretty large, but when I tried to sneak closer to take a photo it flew off and carried whatever it had been eating along with it.
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One of my co-worker's cats had a litter of kittens. He kept them in his barn and accidentally left the enclosure he had them in open. Well... a racoon of all things got to them and only one survived. A RACOON!
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Sammy was a semi-feral cat when I found him hanging out on my property for several weeks a year ago. At first I fed him outside and left him there. Slowly I let him come in at night and had him sleep indoors. The more attached to him I got, the more I worried about him being outdoors. Finally, I kept him in 24/7 to the point where now he doesn't even try to go out anymore. As long as he has his window perch where he can watch the squirrels and chickens during the day, he seem to be perfectly happy staying indoors.
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And yes, a racoon will happily chow down on a cat. Raccoons are even in the cities; I've seen them living in the sewers in LA.
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