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Silly kitten!

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Kitties do the funniest things!

Our newest kitty, 8-week-old Midget, is confined to our bathroom when we can't keep an eye on her. I got up the other morning to get ready for work and kept her in the bathroom with me while I showered since DH wasn't quite awake yet. She sat on the other side of the curtain howling for attention, and none of my talking would calm her down. Then, she suddenly jumps into the bathtub and runs toward me, only to get sprayed by the showerhead! Poor baby turned around and frantically leaped out of the tub, falling directly into her temporary litterbox - sending litter flying all over the room of course! And since she was wet, the litter was stuck all over her as well. Poor baby! As bad as I felt for her, it was hysterically funny.
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for animals that are supposed to hate water,
they sure do seem to find a way to keep falling into it.
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Aah poor Midget...sorry it is funny

Glad she didn't hurt herself tho'. Guess she wont be doing that again in a
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