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Close up of Loki

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Hope you enjoy this close up.....
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Helen, gorgeous picture! Loki's eyes are so vivid!
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aww what a great picture.................
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Awwww Loki how gorgeous are your eyes!!
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Awwwwww - thanks for the compliments - I'll let my baby boy know!!
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Boy! Talk about gorgeous cat eyes!!! Those are so dreamy !
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He's so handsome, he's like the George Clooney of cats
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What a Beauty, he has a beautiful color of eyes
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Awwww! Loki is such a beautiful cat!!! I love the gorgeous eyes too!!!
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Those eyes are VERY striking!!! I love them!
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Oh Helen, Loki is just stunning! His eyes really are dreamy. He's the McDreamy (for Grey's Anatomy fans) of the feline set!
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Gorgeous green eyes!
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I also have a Loki! He's a beautiful black tuxedo cat, who lives up to his name (the Norse god of mischief). He loves to "help" me ...

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He's gorgeous! Must be a sweetie!

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Now those are some Betty Davis eyes! Very nice!
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Thanks - He is such a sweety could not have asked for better!!!
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