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Vets for Pets

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Hi all! I have two wonderful DSH's, Max and Hadley. Unfortunately, Max right now is in critical care at an animal hospital, and I'll know better in the next 48 hours if he'll pull through. I'll know more soon, but I'm fairly sure my visits to the first vet caused his dramatic decline in a week and a half, and so what I've done is set up a group that reviews vets so that other pet lovers can post their happy/not-so-happy experiences in order to help others find a loving vet. I haven't written mine yet, but will once I get more info, so if you'd like to post a message, or start browsing (if anyone but me has written yet!) you can go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vetsforpets/. Thanks all!
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That is a really good idea. I hope that lots of people utilize your group so that others can be forewarned, or know that the Dr. they are looking at is a good one. Picking a vet is really a hit or miss proposition.

All the best for Max. I hope that since he is now in good hands, he will do better.
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I really hope Max will pull through...please keep us posted.
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I hope Max recovers now. The Vets for Pets idea is a good one.
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Thanks so much all... he's unfortunately still not out of the woods yet. The absess is fairly severe, he's lost about 5 pounds, but his blood is coagulating, and his fever's down. I'm going to see him in about an hour and I just can't wait to see my baby! These vets almost go into TOO much detail, but I'd rather that than not enough. They're finally giving him some food, which the other vet never did... the poor thing's been starving himself for wayy too long now. My hope is that once he gets some tasty food in him, he'll start to feel strong enough to have the surgeory done on that absess. I will be posting something on both vet experiences, but probably not until I have more information on the situation.

Thanks so much for the support, it really means a lot.

Be well all,
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What a great idea! I'll be sure to visit and add a few vets to the list as well. Im glad things are looking up for your baby, I know how hard it is when they are not well, and there's nothing we can do. He's in good hands from the sound of it... Here's to a quick return of your little one!
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