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While I know that many catteries today choose to be a "closed" cattery (that is to say, not open to bringing in queens for stud service from their males) I do know that some offer outside stud service. I am curious ... when you get a queen in from another cattery, how do you introduce the cats to be mated? Does the queen normally go out of estrus in a unfamiliar environment? Do you make adjustments on the time you keep her for that in the event it happens?

I am not considering providing outside stud service at this time, I truly am just curious about it and would love to hear from those breeder/members here who do provide it. If you would rather not post publicly, please feel free to PM me.

Thanks in advance,

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I only had one whole male which I used on my own cats - he never was used outside. But I sent my females out for breeding to well known/close friends. They kept the females a few weeks. If they were in heat at the time they came, they were bred - otherwise they might be there for 3-4 weeks and then made arrangements to get them after being bred.

I usually gave them some extra for food if longer then a week or 2.
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In my experience, if the female is in really strong oestrus (lordosis, being really loud or super affectionate) the female will not go out of oestrus UNLESS she really doesn't like the male that is being presented to her. But what usually happens over here is that the cycle is timed, and the female is sent a few days prior to heat or just in heat (1st day). If the mating does not occur, then the female stays at the cattery until a successful mating or the owners give up!
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I haven't brought an outside queen into my cattery but I have sent a queen to another cattery for breeding (she was sent to her breeders cattery for breeding). The first time she was sent off she got off her estrus and didn't wanna mate.

The second time the queen was given her own room where she could take it easy for 1-2 days. I sent her on the second day of estrus and she got out of estrus for a day but got back. After like 2 days the male was introduced to her, they mated. The female didn't wanna have anything to do with the male, I got her back and she was pregnant.

I wouldn't bring in a queen from someone I don't know well but I have no problem bringing home queens from my good friends.
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