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very new, but feel very old!

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Hi all! I just came aboard two days ago, and you can see my post called 'Cat Depression' in the Behavior section, so I won't rehash, but I have two wonderful DSH's, Max and Hadley. Unfortunately, Max right now is in critical care at an animal hospital, and I'll know better in the next 48 hours if he'll pull through. I'll know more soon, but I'm fairly sure my visits to the first vet caused his dramatic decline in a week and a half, and so what I've done is set up a yahoo! group that reviews vets so that other pet lovers can post their happy/not-so-happy experiences in order to help others find a loving vet. I haven't written mine yet, but will once I get more info, so if you'd like to post a message, or start browsing (if anyone but me has written yet!) you can go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vetsforpets/. Thanks all!
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Hi Rachel and welcome to the Cat Site. I'm so sorry to hear of how unwell Max is. I did check our your post on his behaviour, but maybe haven't read the latest on his poor health.

I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for the little mite.

Let us see some piccies of Max and Hadley. We LOVE piccies!

Where are you based, the US? I think you idea of a good/bad vet group is excellent. Will it work across other countries?

Just curious, but how do you police a group like that to ensure there is no malicious or defamatory stuff posted against vets for whatever reason?

Nice to have you here!
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Thanks for the kind welcome! I unfortunately don't have any, I've always been bad about taking pictures of anyone or anything, even my angels! My hope is that people from everywhere write in about vets, and if it goes 'international', or there are lots of posts from all over, to create regional subsections within the group. As for moderating, it's starting out as open to the public, since I created it about 30 minutes ago. But if it gets to be a bear, I can become stricter, approving people who want to post messages, approving messages themselves.

I hope you tell as many people about this as possible. I know we all want the best care for our babies!
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I'll tell everyone I can think of about the vet listings.

Just read about Max. HOW SAD!

Maybe he did pick up additional infections at the first vets. You'll never know for sure.

Did you say $5,000? Jesus! (excuse me) That is a serious amount of money. I hope little Max recovers. I know money isn't the issue, but it would be good to know that it was money well spent!

Please let us know how he gets on.
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