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Neighbor cat v. seriously stressed housecat

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My "nephew" cat had to go to the vet yesterday for some straining in the litterbox, and turns out he has stress-related cystitis. He is a very very nervous cat, and a little special needs as well, on top of this. The vet prescribed valium for him to help with his stress.

The main suspect for the massive stress is the neighbor's outdoor (declawed grrr) cat who has sort of begun living on the porch since her family doesn't feed her, while she is fed at our house.

She is a lovely, adorable, trusting cat, but her presence at the house is making my nephew kitty freak out pretty seriously. Any ideas as to how to either a) get my nephew kitty to not flip out as bad or b) politely keep the visiting kitty off the porch (where she can be basically nose-to-nose through the window). My other nephew kitty and her are friends, but he won't miss her terribly. Neither of the boys are allowed outside.

The porch is not enclosed in any way, and the deterrent has to be harmless and not annoying to anyone but the visiting kitty.

Any suggestions?

Another crimp in the plan is that my nephew kitty will soon have a new human baby to freak out about too, although that maybe is a nother topic. Could this also be adding to his stress.
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Tell your neighbours that a declawed cat has no business being outside as she cannot defend herself at all if necessary. And remind your vet that Valium is addictive (it really is) and what's going to happen to your cat in future because of it? There has to be a better answer.
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There are plastic covers ( I forget what they are called) but they are decorative and stick to the window. Perhaps the cats would not see each other if you placed it on the inside glass.
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Have you tried Feliway plug-ins and Rescue Remedy for your nephew cat? Both should help. The Rescue Remedy is a natural product that has calming effects but is not addictive.

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I will definitely suggest the Feliway... he probably has always needed it and its so obvious I hadn't thought about it. Thanks!

As for being mad at my sister's neighbor, yes, I am very aware that the cat has no business being outside, and that they need to feed it, but it's not my place to start a neighbor-war when I'm not even the one who lives there permanently.

That is a good idea about the window decals. Like, the faux frosted ones they put in bathrooms in old buildings? Any ideas where to get them?

The valium is short-term, meant to help with his cystitis.

Which it turns out, he actually has a bladder infection. I didn't know boy cats got bladder infections. Poor baby!
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You can buy then window films in home depot. You get a better selection on line. also, I have a window that I spray painted with "frost" paint. The view is one of the driveway and my nighbors "roofers" truck. a sight I don't care if I ever see, so it didn't bother me to make it a permanent change with the paint. that was about two bucks for a can of paint. The window films can be a little pricey depending on how big an area you want to cover.
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Well, they're brand new windows, and right on the front of the house, so I think it'll have to be the clingy, removable type. It's actually three regular-sized windows all right in a row.

Actually I need some too, what with the old single-pane glass I have and winter coming quick.

Hopefully it'll work out and no deterrent will be necessary.
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