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A paper by psychologist Michel Lariviere for Correctional Services of Canada concluded that most guards don't respect inmates (which inhibits rehabilitation efforts.)

A $4 million study by University of Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions revealed that employees are much more likely to call in sick if they have drunk alcohol the night before.

A Harvard School of Public Health survey found that people report more noise and other disruptions in binge-drinking college neighborhoods than in other neighborhoods.

An Iowa State University study found that TV viewers had a harder time noticing the commercials on shows containng explicit sex than on other type of shows.
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Where do I sign up for those grants? LOL I could find out these things for a whole lot less than $4 million, but if they insisted on giving me that much for "research"...:laughing2
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I wonder if I could get a grant to research why people do research on such silly things?
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