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Radar caught his first mouse!

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Radar caught his first mouse today!

I am a little ashamed to admit that when I first considered getting a cat it was because of the mouse infestation in my flat. I had no idea that the little bundle of fluff we ended up bringing home would bring so much joy and love into my life

And today I am so proud of him, he caught his first ever mouse! I don't have children, and to me it is like first smile, or taking their first steps or something. My husband thinks that I am nuts for being so proud of my Big Hunter, I feel as if we should have some sort of ceremony for him to welcome him into adulthood and celebrate him becoming a provider to his household.

Yes I am nuts

I am also bursting with pride.

Although I do feel a bit sorry for the mouse
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awww go Radar! I brought Wonton home as a stray, I wasn't thinking of him being a mouser, and honestly, he's an indoor-only kitty and so loving/lazy, I just didn't see him as the mouser type - so when he caught his first mouse, I was shocked! He's caught a few more since then, too. I suppose he's doing us a favor, but I don't like to see the little dead mice - I feel bad for them. I felt proud of him though too, just like you.
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Way to go Radar!!!
I felt sorry for the first one that Blaze caught too.UNTIL, as DH put it "it's better for the kids for it to be gone than for it to be running all over the house and passing diseases on the counter tops and such".
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Way to go, Radar!!!! I like catching mice, myself. Now, what you do next is place it unter the fridge and let it dry out and mummify. Then pull it out and bat it all over the place! Ari
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