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Skin issue

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I'm sorry this is only my second post, but I am a little concerned and found this forum whilst looking online for help.

Basically Dave, my cat, had a scab on his left shoulder, it's been there a couple of weeks (at least) and despite being a bit loose didn't come adrift. Anyway tonight I looked at it again and it fell away in my fingers, but with it came a large klump of fur (attached to the scab).

Is this strange or unusual or am I worring about nothing? Should just watch for any other things appearing or seek a vet's advice?

thanks for any advice that you could give.

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Hi Tibbi1m-

I don't think you have anything to worry about, unless the clump was *extremely* large and the skin looks unhealthy. Sometimes a clump of hair will come away with a scab. Just make sure that the skin underneath the scab looks fine, and that he's not developing other scabs. I'm sure you'll keep an eye on this- you seem like a very diligent catmom to Dave!

Do you know why the scab developed to begin with? Did Dave injure himself on something or was it from him scratching himself?
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Unless there's anything weird underneath, your kitty sounds fine
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