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Aggressive Kitten!!

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Hey, you might not all remember me for I have been busy and not on here but sharkbait had her kittens september 11th! She had 4 gorgeous kittens : 3 girls and 1 boy! they are 4 weeks now and We get them all out for an hour or two everyday and they are the sweetest things.. all except one of the girls. We will pick her up out of the pen and the moment you do she throws a fit and tries to attack you. When you hold her to your chest she holds on fiercly and screams her head off. While your holding her she dosent like to be touched the only thing she will do without being upset is sit on your lap. After awhile of sitting on your lap she'll lick your hand but that is the most affection you will get from her. what should I do?? Is there a way to train her out of this?? shes is gorgeous and I really want her to go to a good home but with the way she is acting I dont see anyone wanting her. Please someone help!!! I love her and I wish she just wasnt so aggressive.
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She might just be a fisty kitty!
My kitten Stewie is that way. has been since about 4 weeks of age.
His sister is more loving but for some reason my boy is a terror.
Most kittens grow out of it and mellow out as they get older. After a visit from Dr. Fixxy the wild behavior might also settle down. You have some time before that can happen so my best advice is to reward the good behavior and punish the bad behavior. Like with children.

Stewie acts very agressive when I get up in the morning and when I come home from work in the evening. If he bites or claws up my leg (yes it is painfull) I tell him no, by taking him infront of me and firmly saying "NO".
If he is climbing up the chair/wall/couch/bed/etc I use a spray bottle and give him a squirt, saying no as i do it.
He also gets a time out. I put him in the spare bedroom that has his water/food dish and his own litter pan. He crys for a moment then calms down. Also at night I put him in there with out the other cat because he will terrorize the house and me while I sleep.

give these methods a try if you feel comfortable with them.

Plenty of people here will have great advice..just you see.
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I would say start with what she is comfortable with. She is opposed to being snatched up out of her warm nest, and feels more comfortable on the ground, or on your lap. When it is kitty play time, get her quickly from the nest area to your lap, and then she can explore from there.

Many 4 week old kittens appear to have behavior flaws...but like human babies, you just emphasize the positive, and work on building from their strengths. She still has lots of potential to be a very loving kitty, so long as you continue to spend time with her daily.

Another good thing to do with a skittish kitten is to pet it while it nurses. Then your petting and your scent get associated with Momma and warm milk...very good at convincing a tiny tiny kitty that you are a good friend!
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My kittens all put up a fuss at 4 weeks, so I decided to just give them time, coaxing them out on their own. Now at 6 weeks they are all over the place and all are very playful.

She is still very young and I agree with Beckiboo, she does not want to leave the warm nest. She'll probably grow out of it.
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