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help and calm me please

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right the kitten's are now 8 week's old they had there first vac's this afternoon they had a dose of drontal 1/4 tablet each
and they was treated with frontline spray 6-8 pump's each is what my vet said to give , when my other kitten's who are now 6 month's had all there stuff they was fine , well all 3 of the kitten's have not eaten or drank anything since they have been home , they do not want to be touched and they have done nothing but sleep , each time i go in there to check on them they are in the excat same place as when i left them should i be worried , my vet said there shouldn't be anything to worry about i did ask him if there were any symptons i should be on the look out for he just said they might not be that bouncy for a few hour's please help to calm me and tell me everything will be ok getting really worried i want my scratching jumping little bundle's back to there normal self's
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I just happen to be sitting at work (a feline only vet hosp) reading this Forum. We tell all our clients to expect any cats or kittens that receive vaccines to be lethargic for up to 48 hours. Vaccines can cause an elivation in a cats body temperature which like in us causes us not to feel so good. If you see any vomiting or the letheragy last longer then 48 hours contact your vet. You are not alone in reaction I talk to clients all day that see this. It is normal.
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Sending calm vibes and soft should rubs. Some kits have different reactions to shots, most of the time they just want to sleep.

If they are not eating or better tomorrow, just give your vet a call and see what the advice is.

KittenKiya's Clan sends soft headbuts and healing licks.
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ok one of them was sick y/day morning i mentuned this to the vet today but as she hadn't been sick since y/day morning and he checked her over he seemed fine with going ahead , she has just started to be sick again after eating a little bit of food , now i'm worried as you said about being sick should i phone them ?
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god i am nearly in tear's now been reading up on it in another fourm and it's normally the fel vac that does the damage reaction to it can be fatel i am gonna phone my vet's will let you know what happen's
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what did the vet say?!
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hiya i phoned the vet up last night and they said just to keep an eye on them , they are a bit brighter today and have eaten and drank some water and even played a little , they still seem very wobbley but apart from that all is good
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I'm glad your little ones are doing better!
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I can imagine it can be the same as with human babies. My son sleeps all day after getting his shots, its actually pitiful, but by the next day he is doing much better. Maybe its a natural response to the pain?

But Im glad your babies are doing much better!
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thank you , i remember when my children had all there's done but when my 2 other kitten's had there's done they was fine so when these 3 went funny i panicked lol thanx again
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I'm glad your babies are better--I can understand why you were upset. It's quite normal for this to happen--my vet always tells me that when they've had vaccinations or surgery. I have a funny story to tell: Jasmime (my Maine Coon with an attitude) recently had to have 2 teeth pulled--she's getting old. The vet told me, "She probably won't be interested in food for a day or so, due to the anesthesia and the surgery." Well, when I took Jasmine home, and placed her carrier on the floor of the living room, she was out of the carrier in a flash, headed straight (though in a wobbly line, shall we say) for the cat food bowls in the kitchen! I've never seen her chow down that way before or since!

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