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oh, let's hope not

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I got those new chicken strips from Wendy's today (I had them the other day, too), and within an hour I felt sick. Now, I feel worse Oh, I hope it's not food poisoning because I had it last year and that was the worst .......... I want to take a shower, but don't feel that great. Plus, if I stand up, I get light-headed.
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It is always possible that you have a virus. I hope you feel better soon.
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Oh No! I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this...maybe it will pass.
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Tigger - what's the word?
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Oh, I threw up alright About an hour before that, my arms got really achey, too I wont gross anyone out, I promise. I just hate feeling like this ........
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Drink lemonade and soda-water. If you can get it buy some stuff called Indian Brandee (that's how it's spelt) It's not alcohol, but it has herbs in it. I drink that when my guts bad and it helps a great deals. Also try sucking a mint, it helps settle your stomach down. Drink plenty of water, plain water, this will help washout any infection. If it continues get your butt down to a doctor and get the once over.

Next patient please
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Yeah Tigger - go and vomit over Wendys.

This processed s**t is just SO dodgy. The amount of times I've had problems while eatinig out.

Had some seafood pasta a year or so ago, and only just made it home afterward. Hubbs phoned the restaurant (an 'Italian' chain), and they basically said - couldn't be us.

So I got onto the phone and told them if they didn't take this seriously I would bring my dodgy tum down there and would they like to test the loyalty of their customers . . . hehe

So they did investigate, but after a couple of weeks I got some brush-off letter from them.

It's worth causing a fuss though - they ought to know there are serving up garbage.
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My husband became violently ill after eating a grilled chicken sandwich at McDonalds. I got food poisoning at Olive Garden. One of my students was poisoned so bad at a different Olive Garden that she lost 30 pounds, and a year later couldn't digest many foods. She was in the hospital for a week! I can't go into a McDonalds or Olive Garden any more without fear of becoming sick.
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I dont' rememer getting food poisoning from a restaurant but I do remember getting it from a persons food who I worked for. I has making a sandwich and found soem miracle whip in the fridge, I asked my employer if it was good she said she thought so but wasn't sure. I didn't know better so I put it on my sandwich and ate it. well we went to the pool in the complex where she lived(nanny job)I was taking care of the kids,suddenly I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I told her I had to go back to the house and man I was never so glad to be there.I was sick and (not to gross anyone out) it came out both ends. Luckly her husband was a DR so he helped me thru it. To this day I won't eat Miracle Whip no matter what. That was in High school 17 years ago. In my junior year.
Poor tig, Hope you are feeling better. Drink flat 7-up. it helped me thru my ickys, hoepfully it'll help you. Hope you called Wendys back. if they give you the brush off, call the health dept. I promise THEY will give it their full attention.
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Throwing up was the best thing. Its a defense mechanism, to get rid of most of the bad stuff.

I got food poisoning, from a piece of pecan pie, ten years ago. It was last year before I could even LOOK at pecan pie, without my stomach doing a flipflop.

Push lots of clear liquids, to help flush out the toxins. If you're not better, in 24 hours - get to a doctor.
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One year my husband and I ate supper in a restraunt with my parents, one of my sisters, and my brother. The meal my husband and I ate was different from what everyone else had and we were fine the next day. My parents called to ask how we were because everyone else had gotten quite ill; they thought it was food poisioning and reported it to the health department. Eventally, they heard back that no one else had reported illness-related problems with the food in the restraunt that night. So they finally decided that they all had a virus. I'm sure it can be really hard to tell what is really wrong, but if you still think you have food poisioning you should report it.
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I contacted the Maricopa Healthy Services on-line since they were closed now, and filed a complain on-line.
I still dont feel better, but atleast I'm not throwing up anymore.

I went to an Urgent Care, and the Dr. prescribed me an anti-biotic in case it's a bacterial infection. He said it's hard to tell if I have the flu or food poisoning.
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just wondering what's new with this? did you ever find out if you had food poisoning? If you did, did the Health officials do anything about it?
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I reported it to the health services, and they had me call the place where they send the inspector. He asked me what I had to eat before that and the day before that. He thought it wasn't Wendy's and was betting it was at a different restaurant. I had a salad from Hogi Yogi for lunch that day, and on Sunday night, me and a friend went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. But, I think it was from Wendy's. I feel better, but my stomach still bothers me
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Last year my mother came down with some type of intestinal bacteria that ciased her to have diarrhea for months. The doctor told her it was from some restaurant where some employee hadn't washed his hands after using the restroom. Yuck!
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EEEWWWW! We went to a weekend campout and bike rally that had a pig pickin. Someone had left the pig out too long and 150 people ended up with food poisoning. Fun! All those sick people and 15 porta potties.
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Oh those poor people!
Deb, that's gross ....... what's wrong with people who work in the food industry?
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This stuff with the food is so scary!! I always see those hidden camera shows, like Primetime live, Dateline NBC, etc. where they go undercover in the food industry, and it is just gross what they catch people doing!! One guy was grinding meat, and smoking at the same time and his ashes fell into the meat, and he just kept on grinding. EWWWWWWW
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There was a show on, last year called "When Chefs Attack". They used surveillance cameras and caught cooks peeing into condiment containers, spitting on pizzas and having intercourse, in the walk-in refrigerators.

There's a book out, called "Kitchen Confidential" that tells all about the gross stuff that goes on in high-end restaurants. The chef that wrote it was one of the hosts for that TV show.
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I remember seeing a show on Dateline once about things like that. Sick, sick, sick! I guess though, it can happen anywhere. What can you do? I hope they fired those chefs ........
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UGGGGG! Makes me think twice about eating out!!! Do we have a smilie for puking???
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Here's a funny link, to go with this thread:
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Now THAT would be a scary fortune cookie!!!
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Hey there Tig, it'snot all of us. Just the stupid few of us.LOL!
We had a problem here in Clinton just a month ago. One of our better restaurants had an employee that didn't wash their hands and made fruit cups and ended up giving 5 people food poisoning. I'm sorry but if you don't know any better then to wash your hands before you serve a persons food(or making it for that matter) then you don't need to be in food service. In my shop, we not only stress it, we enforce it with suspension as an incentive if you break the rules. My therory is if I won't eat it, then my guests won't either. I am a stickler for cleanliness becuase of OCD so I won't take the not washing your hands thing at all.
I mean comeon, use the brain God gave you and think before you serve someones food for goodness sake! Stupid people like that make the rest of us look bad.
If anyone is every in Clinton, stop by LJS, I'll show you what good, hot fast food is!:tounge2:
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I always think how sad that restaurants have to post those reminder signs about washing hands. Unfortunately, some people really don't care. A few years ago when I was still in the restaurant business, a cook I worked with grossed me out when she didn't wash her hands after using the toilet. I tried not to eat anything she cooked again, but I did feel bad for the customers.

I have also seen stuff dropped on the floor and put back on the plate. We have a lot of family style restaurants where the whole table gets large bowls of food. I tend to avoid them, because I have heard that the employees sometimes combine all the food from different tables and reuse it. YUK!
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