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Constant attention! (a little long, sorry)

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We have 2 female cats roughly the same age, probably getting close to 2 years old each. One of them can play on her own and entertain herself however the other demands my constant attention.

Whenever I sit on the couch, she sits on the floor next to it and stares at me (and eventually will go to sleep) but more often that not, she'll get up on her two rear paws against the couch and use her two front paws to touch my arm while meowing. If she gets no attention, she'll get on the floor and make a disappointing type of meow and then try again, and again and again.

At this point I'll play with her for at least a good 15 minutes. Often she is satisfied with this but no 5 or 10 minutes pass before the behavior starts again. It's constant, all night long.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love her and I enjoy playing with her, but not all evening long! I also need some "me" time. I do not exaggerate when I say it's constant.

They have toys (balls, mice, etc) but they are of not much interest to her unless I'm making them move myself.

What's going on with this behavior? Like I said, I don't mind playing with her, but not every minute of my free time.

The longest time they are home alone is 4 hours. The strange thing is that she doesn't bother my partner. She leaves him alone, it's only when I'm around.

She used to be a very lovable cat, she would climb up on my lap or chest and sleep there and enjoy being pet. Not anymore, if I put her on my lap, she'll get off, which is fine, I understand that cats are individuals, but this behavior started at the same time as the problem with the constant attention.

Any suggestions of things to try? I sincerely appreciate any and all ideas.
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She's trying to be #1! Trying to keep your attention (away from the other cat). Females can be just as possessive and territorial as males, and as they get older, they want it all!
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I love female cats because of the relationship they offer, they truely give unconditional love! However they ask for a lot in return!!! When Maia gets over bearing I will go to trimming her claws, or over attention towards her, kissing her belly, hugging, whatever takes a few minutes for her to realize she does not want my full attention......it works, for the most part, talking to her she loves as well, no matter what I am doing.
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