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Hello all, I'm new to this site, but I'm a member of a couple of other forums and thought since the people on the other forums are so smart and helpful, I'd be albe to find plenty of people here who are the same.

I have an approximately 7 month old medium haired white cat. I'm unsure of the breed, but judging by her blue eyes, I'm guessing she's either a siamese or himalayan mix. Ever since I've had her, she's always had an extremely dry and sometimes scaly nose and her nose also has a tendency to collect boogers, sometimes to the point that it makes it difficult for her to breathe. I remove the boogers either with a wet cloth, or just with my fingers, but the very next day, there's only more buildup for me to remove.

I'm just worried as to whether this is normal or not...all the other cats I've had in my life have never had a booger problem, and their noses weren't dry and scaly like Baby's (my cat) is. I have been fired from 3 jobs in seven months, so I don't have the money to take her to the vet, or I would have already... Advice, please?
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The only advice I have is not what you want to hear - she may have an upper respiratory infection and needs to be treated by a vet. It shouldn't be a terribly expensive visit but Baby needs to be assessed and possibly on antibiotics.
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Hmm, well my cat had a respitory infection when we got him and he has (had, they are getting better) horrible snotting issues. Unlike Baby though, he sneezes and blows snot everywhere (eww).

We got him from a rescue, and the wonderful saintly recue organizer gave us meds for him for free, since he more than likely got the infection there.

That being said, I know the shelter also gives meds to people who cannot afford to take their pets to the vet. They have a vet on site, and they have antibiotics to give to whoever needs them. You could try calling local shelters and seeing if you could pick up a week's worth of antibiotics if you absolutely cannot take Baby to the vet.
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I actually have a friend who is the director of a local humane society, and who's a certified vet-tech. I thought about asking him, but I thought all he could do was check her out and tell me what, if anything, was wrong with Baby. I think I'll give him a call and ask him if they have meds they can give out. He spayed Baby for free as a favor to me, so I'm sure he'll do anything he can to help me take care of her otherwise. The only thing that throws me off a bit is that I've had her since April or May and she's always been like this. Could an infection really last this long? Anyway, thanks for the advice, I really think my best bet is to go ahead and contact my friend.
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I'd definitely see a vet, but the problem may also be feline herpes, not an URI.
I treat my girl with L-lysine for the herpes and it keeps her crusty nose problems minimal. She has little to no eye goop, fortunately (first case was today, and it wasn't large.)
I'm also giving Gizmo Factor Cq10, also known as Vitamin Q.

But do see a vet if your cat has trouble breathing. The expense of visiting the vet is vastly lower than the expense of treating an advanced infection, and possible complications.
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