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Stuffing for the Turkey

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Do you make your stuffing from scratch or from a box? I make mine from scratch right from drying the bread out myself, I make a sausage stuffing and it's very
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I don't know where I would be without StoveTop and canned jellied cranberry sauce.

Have I mentioned that I don't cook?
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Last year for Thanksgiving, I made a Chourico Stuffing, and a French meat stuffing, both from scratch.
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Scratch.... I will use bread that I've made for the past week, let it dry out, and then whip something up. It's quite easy, but never comes out the same way twice.
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Me and StoveTop Stuffing are best friends!!! Never make stuffing without the box...
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I like doing it from scratch as well and love the flavour of the sausage in mine as well.

I also have an awesome recipe for cranberry sauce made with orange juice (freshly squeezed from 3 oranges) and port wine. Cranberry sauce is so easy to make and tastes so good fresh.
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I do cornbread stuffing from scratch like my Mom and Grandma always did. It is awesome and the very best part of our Thanksgiving dinner. Mine still isn't quite as good as theirs was but it gets better every year. I have heard that sausage stuffing is very good but I haven't ever tried it. Yosemite, your cranberry sauce sounds great..I would love the recipe!
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I make cornbread stuffing from scratch--sort of. I use the Jiffy cornbread mix in a box, but everything else is from scratch! I don't put sausage or meat in my stuffing though, never developed a taste for it.
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I use Pepperidge Farm Seasoned stuffing, and then add my own "stuff" to the stuffing. I figure that they've got the seasoning better than I could, so I'll use that as a base.
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