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If you could have just one of these:

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Okay,, I know it's a little silly but I had to ask..

If you had to pick just one of these for the rest of your life what would it be:

Fame, but no money
Extremely Wealthy, but no looks or Fame
Really Drop Dead Gorgeous, but no money and no fame

Which would you pick???

I'd be extremely wealthy but no looks or fame.. You can buy looks.. LOL

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Having had the looks, and a bit more media attention than I ever wanted, I'd be very happy with being an extremely rich, ugly nobody. Can I have that in my next life, please?
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I don't care about looks or money I just enjoy being happy. (granted a little more money might relieve some stress, but I don't want to be extremely wealthy)
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I chose extremely wealthy and no fame. He can either buy looks or wear a bag over his head
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I don't want money, fame, or looks. All I want out of life is to be happy. The rest of that stuff doesn't really matter to me.
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Looks fade, and if you "buy" them too much you end up like Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers. EW!

Fame is a PITA. I wouldn't want the paparazzi following my every move.

Money may not buy happiness, but I sure wouldn't mind finding that one out for sure. I've already got the non-great looks and no fame, so I'm used to that.
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I picked other. HEALTH. None of these others means a thing without health.
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I'll take the money every time

Not having to go to work, buying a lovely house in the country with a lake and loads of grounds for my cats to enjoy. No traffic, just peace...mmm....heaven
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Just imagine how huge a house you can have and how many kitties you can have if you had millions and millions???

I'd own a castle and have 2 cat sanctuaries - one for outdoor kitties in the castle grounds, and an indoor sanctuary for the indoor kitties who would never have to or need to leave my castle.

I can dream can't I???????
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74% agreed with me...
wow i was worried for a moment.

anyways money can make me into a hot mama...thats what male giggalos are for!
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I picked other also.
Looks are nothing to me.I have no one to impress,as I'm HAPPILY married.
Fame is nonsense to me
You can't take $$$ with you when you die.
So, I pick happiness and health also.
I want to be around to see my grandbabies one day.
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At least if your drop dead gorgeous, someone might discover you as a model!!
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I picked the money too! for just the reasons Sarah said, think of all the kitties you could have/help with lots of moola!! Fame would freak me out as I REALLY do not like to be the center of attention and looks looks will only get you so far
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Since I already have no looks and no fame, might as well get some money!
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I'd go with wealthy.. life would be SO much easier with all the money in the world.
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Oh don't I agreee!!!
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I'd choose the wealth with no fame or looks.

I could do so much good with alot of money
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