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Update on adoption

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A few weeks ago, I posted about going with a friend to adopt a kitty, Polly, from Petsmart. Now named Isabella, she is the spoiled darling of the household. She scratches the nasty boyfriend's feet while he is sleeping, and runs away. He tried to have her banished from the bedroom at night and was told HE could go sleep outside if he didn't like it. Isabella can do no wrong there. She was a skinny little thing, but is now fat and sassy. The kids love her and are very gentle with her. They constantly want to feed and pet her. Kristen talks about her like she is one of the kids. I just love a happy ending!
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That is just awesome. I'm so happy everything worked out for both your friend and the little cat.

I also wanted to update. I mentioned in the DT that my supervisor decided to adopt 2 cats. Well, she did call the Rocky Mountain Alley Cats Rescue. While the two kittens she was originally interested in had already been placed, there was one more from that litter who was still available. They really wanted to place Annabelle, a little orange tabby, with O'Malley, another orange tabby who is about 2-3 years old since they have really become pals at the foster home. Poor O'Malley has had a tough life so far. He was a "barn cat" who the owners put a collar on as a kitten and never took it off. He has had surgery to remove the collar that was embedded in his neck. Well, Kim thought about it and thought about, since she really wanted two kittens, but liked O'Malley when she met him. He was advertised as being very shy, but he came up to her and let her pet him and even scritch his belly the first time she met him. Even the foster-mom was amazed at that! Well, even though Kim and her daughter saw bunches of kittens at Petsmart this weekend when she was filling out the paperwork, she has decided to adopt Annabelle and O'Malley.
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I just love happy endings, too!!! Glad everything is working out for these kitties!!

The lady who adopted my Charlotte kitty said the kids have renamed her Lucky, and are spoiling her rotten. She sleeps in bed with the 13 year old girl, and they bought her a whole bunch of toys, AND a kitty condo. I am so happy for her!!
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