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Not sure what to do here....

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Before Mike and I became engaged, he sent me a purse that is absolutely lovely. He made it himself, and it is made from buffalo skin, and moosehide. There are beads hanging down it, native american material, buffalo bone ornaments and the snaps are buffalo nickels. I love this purse and it is oversize and a throw-back to the 60's but I use it all the time. I left it in my car overnight about a week ago, and the car was in the carport, but the window was cracked open. One of my ferals got in and sprayed this purse, and I have tried every odor cleaner and cleaner that won't harm the purse to try and get rid of the stench. It is so bad that I can't carry the purse without catching a whiff of it, and so there is no way I am going to go out in public with it! LOL Then I would really be known as the "Crazy Cat Lady!"

If anyone has any ideas how to rid this purse of the smell- I would appreciate it. I have used Oxy Orange, Febreeze, De-Scent- and OdorXit. Can someone help????????????
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Hissy; Being a horsewoman you have probably already tried this, but I'll suggest it anyway. My father used to do hand tooling on leather and he made my Mom several purses. I remember that one of them got stained when she spilled some of her artist turpentine on the same table where the purse was sitting and the bottom of the leather bag soaked up the turpentine and along with it the smell and an oily stain (ring). My Daddy used saddle soap and lathered it up real good, let it set, and then rinsed it with a warm water soaked towel. He may have had to do it more than once, but I remember that the smell was gone and most of the oily ring. If I remember right the saddle soap came in a can similar to shoe polish. I don't know if this will work on the buffalo hide/moose skin but it might be worth a try. Let me know what happens. Darlene
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