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What is your Fav Hoilday?

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What is your fav hoilday? I love Christmas. I really enjoy watching my kids faces ad they open there gifts it is too cute.
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I like the Christmas time of year, because there always seems to be a warm fuzzy feeling in the air and my birthday is at the same time! Plus my family always gets together, all of us, and its a good time!
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It's always been Halloween!!
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I was born 10 days before Christmas so I am biased to it. My boys on the other hand, they LOVE Halloween!
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that is neat i was born dec 26
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I'm a Christmas baby too, December 22
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Christmas...but I love decorating for halloween probably more...
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I guess my fav is Christmas, but not as much as it used to be. I picked Halloween. When I was younger, having my whole family around, it was the best. Now that Dad is gone and Mom is moving to TN to be with my sister, it's not as great. At least I have my Jerry and my 4 lovebugs!
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I used to Love them all, not so much anymore it was alway's more fun when the Grandkids were small, Now they don't even wanna come to Grandma's They would rather see friends, girlfriends Boyfriends, kinda sad, it's not the same when they grow up.
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Christmas, the 4th of July, and thanksgiving. so I voted other.
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Christmas!!! I LOVE decorating and getting in the Christmas spirit (I could care less about gifts! I just wanna decorate and cook)) I also celebrate Hanukkah as well .....hummm I think if i had to pick my top two, i'd say Christmas and Easter (every easter my family has a huge easter egg hunt for all the kids- I have a HUGE family!!! So it's always a to of fun...we usually have several easter egg hunts...and we hide them reallly good from the older kids...hehe it's fun! I love watching them search everywhere when it's right in front of them!!!!!! and we all cook a huge meal and just enjoy each others company)

These are my two favorite Easter pictures from last year. It's of my boyfriend Colin helping my great niece Kaitlynn find her Easter eggs after she took off to see the puppies (my sister's dogs bailey -rat terrier x and Mac- chinese crested). He's gonna be such a good daddy someday! My little nieces and nephews love him!

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I love Chistmas just because we get to get together with all of our friends and family.
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Halloween because it's also our Anniversary.
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