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Fez...my scardey cat

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First some background on Fez. I got Fez when he was probley about 14 weeks old from the shelter, I wasnt planning on getting a cat, just went to play with them. So I see Fez in his cage and he is sick,skinny, and looks scared, I pick him up and he purrs!My BF held him and he stopped...lol...Anyway I felt bad for the little guy, I wanted him to make it, so I adopted him and nursed him back to health. Since Fez came home, even when he was sick, he was shy and scared, giving him his meds didnt help me any in getting him to be comfortable with me. He did bond very quickly with my other 5 cats. Fez is now over a year and he is still nervous and runs off all the time, I cant even put on Frontline when i need too. But Fez has moments where if I call him and he is in the room, he will approach me if Im sitting, and once he lets me pet him, he stays by me cause he likes it. But if I get up, or lets say the phone rings, he freaks out and runs.

He has always been better with me then with my ex, I talk softly around fez and walk slow around him, my ex didnt. Now that my ex moved out I really want to see if I can get Fez out of his shell. I'd love to be able to walk in a room without him running, I'd like to be able to put Frontline on him!

I need ideas on how to win over Fez. He is curious and I can tell sometimes he wants to be where I am, I see him peek around a corner, and sneek in, but the minute i get up, he takes off.

I wish I could have more moments when he wants to be pet, i love those moments, I just keep peeting him cause I never get to, I love it! I love him, help me win him over!

This is Fez right after I brought him home...

Fez Now...
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Well he is gorgeous and I can see why you could not resist him!

I do not know that much about cats, but I can tell you that two things that make me Brady forget his fear are 1) the brush (the spikey kind, he LOVES it) and 2) cheese (makes him eat out of my hand!).

So try and find his weakness, he has got to have at least one@
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Do you brush him? If not you should try it. Don't try and hold him down, just
show him the brush and let him rub against it. Once he sees it feels good he will do it more and soon you can initiate the brush movement down his back or on his head etc.

My cats love to be brushed, especially the sides of their face, but anywhere on their bodies work well for them, LOL

Abby is kind of skittish too at times. She will let me pick her up when I'm sitting down, but not when I'm standing up. And her favourite time to cuddle with me is when I'm sitting in my office chair and she jumps up onto me, or when I'm laying down in bed. She will rarely come and approach me when I'm standing up.
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