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Kitty is acting funny- running out of money

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I rescue cats and have 6 that I try to keep indoors. One kitty stays outside, except in bad weather and I have to fight to get him inside. All of my kitties seem fine, except one. My baby, Bat, has gone thru 3 major surgeries in the past 3 years.... the most recent about 1 month ago. He had to have string(dental floss) removed from his tongue, throat, stomach, intestines and colon!!!
He was fine after that, but now he is throwing up, stopped eating, he hisses and growls at something that only he can see, he shakes his head and drools. He also started compulsively cleaning himself, which is something that he has never done before.
He was at a vet from Fri. to Sat.( which WAS a horror story that I will tell later!!!), But they found nothing wrong- no blockages. They didn`t bother to take blood or tell me that Bat had ear mites reaaly bad. Another vet took blood and gave me meds. for his ears.
My problem is this: the new vet charged a great deal of money just for the blood screen. I am officially broke!!! I can`t afford more tests, so I was hoping that someone might be able to narrow the causes down.
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If you already had the blood tests, and they all came back normal, I would look into some sort of tooth problem. I would look into stomatitis or an infection in his mouth.
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Good news.... My new vet was able to figure out the problem without having to run more expensive tests!!!
It turns out that BAT has pancreaitis. It was caused by giving him food that wasn`t his normal stuff (he`s on Presciption Diet c/d for his urinary tract- my husband gave him a can of Friskies with gravy!!!)
The infection in his pancreas caused a high fever and dehydration, which is what was making him act funny!!!He`s on antibiotics and had fluid injections, so hopefully that will work.He seems better already! And his ears are looking much better also!
BAT is only 4 and he`s already had 3 major surgeries.The first was to remove chicken bones from his stomach, the second was to reconstruct his bladder and and give him a female bladder opening (P.U. surgery For a really bad case of crystals. The last surgery was for the floss removal and that was a month ago!
My kitty has used up at least6 of his 9 lives and has cost a small fortune... almost $8000 so far, but I love him so much and every penny is worth it!!!!
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I'm glad they diagnosed it. Pancreatitis in cats is often missed. I have a cat with it and as long as she eats a low fat diet, she's fine. The only symtoms she had were some weight loss and sleeping alot. Hopefully he stays healthy from here on out.
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