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Feeding Schedule

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Okay, so I went to petfooddirect and ordered the Wellness to start. I cant mix brands too quickly because our little Doodle vomits if I do that. Someone said wet food is good, I thought I could give them regular feedings of the wet, and leave a small amount of the lite dry out for them while we are at work. My question is, how often do you feed the wet, as their main meals?
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There's no definite rule about how many times to feed since it really depends on your individual cat: their weight, health, activity level.

Many adult cats do fine with 2 meals per day, morning and evening. My own cats are fed 3 times per day because my oldest kitty needs that many meals due to health issues. She requires more food because she burns up calories quickly - but I'd never get away with feeding her 3 times and my other little guys only twice, so the other two get a "snack", (a small meal) and that way no one feels left out! I don't think free feeding (leaving dry food out at all times) is a good idea - I feed dry food as a treat only, never a meal.

When you're trying to get your cat to lose weight, try sticking to a normal feeding routine (if you had one!), just feed a smaller portion. Leaving food available (even "low cal" food) all day defeats the purpose. If you've done that in the past, try leaving out less than usual, gradually cutting down the amount til your cat is used to eating at designated meal times. What works for people works for cats: less calories, more exercise!
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I feed mine 3 times a day - wet in the morning (7.30-8am, sometimes later if I'm having a lie in!), wet at teatime (about 5pm) then a little bit of dry about 9.30-10pm. Little and often is best with cats. I'd like to feed mine 4 times a day but it's not practical as I'm out at work during the day so would have to use auto feeders every day. They do fine on 3 meals.
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Mine I put down a can of wet around 7:30 ,12:00 and 5:00. Dry food is kept filled all the time.
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