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please help

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my daughter has a kitten just under a year old. For some reason, a bit of the poop doesn't come out and she sleeps on their comforter at night and it rubs onto their. Kind of a problem to have to clean the comforter every day! Could a change in diet help with this? Have any of you had the same kind of problem? She loves the cat and also loves the white duvet cover! I suggested putting a sheet over the cover at night since that is easy to wash, but I worry there may be a common, easily cured issue. Thanks for the help. The forums are great! I don't know whether I am supposed to check here for the answer or if people email me directly.
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i can see how this would really get on your nerves! Only advice i have really is when my girls don't manage to get rid of all their poop i give their bums a quick wipe - i just use a damp cloth...
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if this is a kitten they may have been taken from their mamas too soon to learn how to clean themselves.

pet wipes work well and you could keep them by the bed to take care of the little bottoms before they settle in for the night.

I would also inspect their food--maybe they are getting diarrhea or loose stool from the food?

But the best thing to do is: Change the duvet cover until they have outgrown this habit!
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I second that it may be the food. I had this problem when I tried a food that didn't agree with mine.
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Thanks for the info and also about not putting personal email addresses!
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