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I really need some advice...

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Hey everyone... Long time no post! lol... I've been meaning to get on and check out the boards but I've been so busy... between working and moving I have barely any time to do anything, least of all sleep... I'm so exhausted... I'm actually at work as I'm posting this... trying my very hardest not to fall asleep...

Work has been very hectic... I'm actually working 70 hours this week... I guess I cant really complain considering my paycheck for this period will be enough to pay all my bills and then some lol...

anyway... I really need your advice... As you all know, Malakai has been living with my friends Mom in New Jersey since I moved out of my dad's house... which at last count was a year and a half ago... So, now that I moved out of the studio and into a bigger apartment I was planning on bringing Kai home and also adding a new kitty to the family... but after talking to my friends mom I'm hesitating on bringing kai home... when I mentioned it to her she seemed kinda upset.. not angry but sad... like she didnt want me to take him... She said she wasnt sure how he would react to being moved again and being by himself because she has 2 other cats and 2 dogs... and then she said that he's part of the family and he could stay there.. So, I'm wondering if it would be selfish of me to bring him home after being there for so long... what do you guys think??
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I think you should start fresh with new kitties - it's obvious that Kai has become part of your friend's family now. Go save a couple of new kitties, you'll feel much better about it!
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I honestly think it would be selfish to take him away now.
I mean a year and a half has been a long long time for a kitty, thats equivalent to about 10 years human life.
As much as it may hurt, i think its time to let kai go and give other kitties a wonderful home.
But i wouldnt consider adopting if you are planning to move again in the near future.
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Let Kai choose. Go over to your friend's house (don't say you're there to take Kai back), go play with Kai for a bit, chit chat with your friends, wrestle with their dogs a bit, and if Kai follows you out the door, then you know he wants to be with you rather than be left behind. If Kai would rather romp around at your friend's house, then it'll be time for some new cats !
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That's a tough one. Do you go and visit enough that he remembers and knows you.
Too think about all the cats that people don't want and then re-adopted into a new household. Have you been paying your mom's friend for his care???
Personally he is your cat-I would bring him back home and hopefully he should adjust well. I wouldn't though bring another cat into the houseuntil he has gotten used to you again.
Good luck on your decision.
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If your ok with him living there and you know he has a great home and is being well taken care of, I'd leave him and adopt 2 or 3 that need a home..............
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
If your ok with him living there and you know he has a great home and is being well taken care of, I'd leave him and adopt 2 or 3 that need a home..............
If he's being well taken care of, then you might want to start with two new furkits that need a home. If he's not being well taken care of, then of course go and get him.
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I really havent seen him that often since I brought him there because I didnt have a car up until a couple weeks ago so I'd have to take the train there... but I think he still remembers me... he comes over to me to check me out when I'm there... he'll sit with me for a little while but then he'll wander off... which is a typical cat thing...

I was paying my friends mom for his care in the beginning but then he started eating the food the other cats were eating and using their litter box so she said that it wasnt necessary cuz he wasnt costing her any more than normal...

I know he's being very well taken care of... he looks healthy and happy... I'd be totally comfortable letting him stay there because I know that he would continue to be taken care of... It just makes me sad because I got him when he was a baby and it was like giving up a child when I had to bring him there... I didnt expect it to be for so long... but now I wonder if it would be bad for him... I'd give him time to adjust before I brought another kitten home but I do want him to have other animals to play with because he's gotten used to it...

huff... iunno what to do...
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