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Shelter kitties ear mites and sneezing

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Well the two new kitties I adopted came home today after being fixed, I actually am adopting a 3rd adult siamese mix cat bc I couldn't stand to leave him to die but that's another story.
One of my new kitties (6 mos old snow tabby) we are calling Sophie came home marked positive for earmites. They treated her once there. The cats are quarantined to the garage for now, I have dogs that I don't want picking up the mites. I know I need to get a solution to treat the mites with. I have ordered Revolution which is supposed to help control the mites. Should I treat all the cats with the solution since they all have to be quarentined together in the garage or is the Revolution enough?
Also both kitties are sneezing a bit, not bad yet but I'm wondering if something should be done very soon about that. I won't be able to take them back to the vet until Thursday, is there any immediate concern? Or is there anything to treat with over-the-counter until we can check-up with the vet again on Thursday?
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I think I have read that shelter cats bring home all sorts of things so it would be best to keep them seperate until you have them checked by a vet.
It could also be a bacterial infection instead if mites to-a swab and check under the microscope will confirm this. I'm not sure about treating them all or not-this would be a question best asked to a vet.
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If you're going to see the vet again on Thursday, then the sneezing can wait, it might be a URI or something along those lines so you'll want to keep them away from other cats. As for the eat mites, I would ask the vet to be sure but I'd probably be safe and treat all the cats isolated with your infected one.

Congrats on the new additions!
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One of my foster babies has ear mites BAD. I have been treating her with, believe it or not, olive oil and garlic, plus, the shlter put drops in, but the oil smothers the new mites when they are born, and, it soothes their poor itchy sore ears. Once you put the oil in, it loosens the dried blood and you can carefully clean them out with cotton balls and such. Do a search for ear mites and olive oil, you can read more. I used about 1 cc per ear. They dont like it but they smell deliscious, hehe. this is the one, we were calling her Olive Oil for a while, but have named her Winky the house elf. And, no, we dont let her drink Butterbeer!
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Adorable kitten! and sounds like a good way to get rid of the mites!
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thanks, isnt she darling, and her brother Dobby is too. Normally I do NOt get so attached to fosters, but all my rules have gone to hell with these two babies, I wouldnt be surprised if one at least ends up here for good.
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Thanks for the help. The quarentined kitties have to be confined to the garage together, I don't really have a way to keep them seperate from eachother though, I don't want any inside too much bc I don't want the dogs getting the ear mites. Sophie is sneezing a bit more today, I'm pretty sure she has an URI. She's with the kitten, I bet he'll get sick too bc he's in the garage with her. I still don't get my big siamese boy until tomorrow. Guess I'll probably just have to treat them all. Are URI very serious?
One of my shelter dogs came home with kennel cough, sounds awful but it wasn't very serious and my other two dogs had bordetella immunizations.
It was the ringworm that was a mess.
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Here's a couple of links that might help...



HTH! and keep us updated!
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