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Aggresive kitten

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I just recently adopted 3 kittens and Makushin, the youngest, is very dominate. He will always be the one stalking and jump the other 2 kittens, no real fights have broken out, but it just seems he is always in a need to be "top cat." Is this normal and okay?
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Yes that is fine and normal.
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It is actually quite funny, but I am just hoping it is not depressing the other kittens :\\
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They will teach each other many things during their play time together. How to not bite hard and how to not scratch hard ..... and they will work out their hierachy, too. How old are your kitties?
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Oh my goodness I just saw your 3 furbabes, they are absolutely gorgeous
What a wonderful thing you did for them. They will show you a life full of love!
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I think it also depends on their age and sex. If there are two males and they are unneutered then there will be territory fighting and agressiveness.
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Makushin is a 10 week old male; Sitka is a 12 week old female; and Denali is a 12 week old male. Thanks for the comments! Was just breaking up their play time to administer ear mite medicine :o
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ok well then it probably isn't anything to do with territory or anything like that right now. Sometimes one kitten in a litter will just be more outgoing and playful especially if one of the others is the runt. But just remember that in another month or month and a half the fighting can begin to change to male territorial fighting and dominance fighting, and not too long after that the female in the litter can become prego so make sure they are neutered and spayed pretty soon if not already.

Awesome names by the way.
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I would say he is just abit more active and playfull kitten Its his way of getting the other two to interact and play.Kittens play rough.
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