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Fax machine calling at ALL hours! HELP

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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I have an issue with a fax machine calling our house. Now I understand that mistakes happen, but it's starting to get annoying. Beginning at 12:16 AM we received no less than 4 fax phone calls. We ended up turning our phone on and wrapping it in a blanket so we could get some sleep. Which isn't safe either. Is there anyway we can stop this? We have caller id and fax machines come up as unavailable. (other people come up as this too)

We have vonage.

there has GOT to be away to stop this. i wish people would just check their numbers! we used to get a bunch of phone numbers from 'quebec' and we found out that is was a 'prank' number.

i feel that i've had my fair share of this crap and I need to find away to stop it and FAST.
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Have you called the phone company? My guess is that it's a 'telemarketing' type thing. We always get faxes overnight like that at work. I know with verison you can have numbers that come up as unavailable blocked.
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you could press *67 and get the number. Write it down, send them a fax stating what's going on and that it needs to stop.... That's what I had to do
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can you do that on numbers that show up as unavailable???? jeez if you can I'll be doing that ASAP!!!! I'll look and see if vonage will block 'unavailable' numbers. . .everyone else will just have to call from a phone that has a number!
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so i just checked with vonage and we can't block 'anonymous' callers at this time. they don't have that feature as of yet.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
so i just checked with vonage and we can't block 'anonymous' callers at this time. they don't have that feature as of yet.
With your bill do you get a list of phone numbers like a cell phone? If you do, it may be there.
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Oh gosh, this reminds me of when the phone book listed our fax number as our home telephone number! We had to unplug it, it got so bad. Sorry you have to deal with it
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we do get a list but on the list it says 'anonymous'
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They may be able to trace it if you report it as a nuisance call
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ARGH! I hate that! There is a law against junk faxes, but it does not good if the garbage is being sent from an unlisted number or from somewhere not in the US.
Can you maye print out a journal to get the fax # that is calling you and then do a reverse lookup to see who it is?
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i just looked online and *57 is supposed to trace calls.

i also found out that someone hooked their computer up to receive faxes once they received the first call and then they called the number on the fax to tell them it was residential.

i also found online a legal services business in the next town over that has our number listed as their fax. . . .i'll be calling them tomorrow!
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That's happened to me. Every so often I get calls from a FAX at a state government office. Only the FAX number shows on caller ID, of course, and I have no idea which of the many government offices it might be. Usually it stops after 4-5 attempts. Someone gets smart and catches on that they are not calling another FAX. It's frustrating, though.
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Not much you can do about that It will keep dialing until it successfully transmits and because it's not connecting to a fax, that will never happen.

I've had that happen to me and what I ended up doing was turning the ringer of my phone off, and turning off my answering machine. It went on for a couple of nights and then stopped. I guess the people finally realized that they must have the wrong number.
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this is why i find it useful to have a fax machine adn the telephone line on just one number. You can set the timer that the phone doesnt ring after a certain time and it will automatically conect to the fax machine.
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I remember we used to get junk faxes at my old office-we had a feature on the fax machine to send a fax back to the sender but my boss would send a black piece of paper to suck up all the ink when the sender got this fax!!
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I had this happen to me on a day when I was waiting for an extremely important phone call. I dialed *69 to get the number that was faxing me, and then typed that number into Google to locate the company; I then called the company on their telephone line and asked them to please, for the love of monkeys, stop faxing my residential phone line.

Of course, that won't work if the fax number is unknown or unlisted, or the company hasn't been around long enough to be Googleable (yes, I'm making that word up ).
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
They may be able to trace it if you report it as a nuisance call
That's what I was thinking too Eithne!
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WHAT GREAT IDEAS EVERYONE! i love the black paper fax, will try. i'll also try googling any number that comes up. i called the business that has their fax listed as my number and the guy was astonished that I even found it. he never had a website and he hasn't had the number for 6 years. i'll keep you updated.
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That happened to us a while ago. A fax machine was calling at all times of the early morning. My dad had to call the phone company and report a nuisance call, and they took care of it from there. I suggest reporting it to your phone company.
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