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Crazy Stumpy!

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She decided to curl up in the sink yesterday morning. I have no idea why - she's never done it before!! It's not as though it was hot or anything either. She must have finally realised the sink is cat sized She was purrrring away the entire time as well!

Hmmmm this is interesting...

I hope this shiny thing doesn't do that water spurting thing

Mmmmmm this is comfy mum, you should try it!

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How cute. Your lucky you can actually keep things on your counter. Anything we tried keeping up there Wickett thought was a toy.
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Awww Strumpy...
I love sink kitties.
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Oh how cute! Mooch loves the sink. It is wrather cat sized isn't it?
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My boys love to play in the sink too! They love it when I turn on the tap for them to play with the water! Funny thing though - they hate baths!
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That's what's funny though! Stumpy has never shown any interest in water, and never shown interest in the sink. She likes to sit next to me while I brush my teeth, but doesn't care for water. Weird
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She needs to pose better in the sink ...I LOVE her poses!!!! She's a doll!!!
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