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Help w/ Stray Cat

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I was wondering if you could help me out or give me some advice. I have a friendly stray cat that's been hanging around my house for a few days, I have been giving it food and water. Last night I was outside petting it and noticed it has a lot of knot's in it's fur and it is also declawed. I was told that it is a Persian cat. I would love to help this kitty find a home. I really hate the idea of it being outside w/ no claws.

Thank you,

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Do you have a place that you can bring him inside away from any other animals you may have? That would be great if you do. Then he needs to see a vet. You may be able to call around to some local rescue groups to find a vet who can help you. You may be able to sign up as a foster parent where they take care of his medical expenses until they help you find a home for him. Thank you for caring for this kitty. Especially without claws he does not need to be outside.
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I wonder if someone lost this kitty. If you get the cat to the vet please get them to scan the microchip. Maybe it is possible to find the owners?
Good luck and you have a kind heart for watching out for this kitty.
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Thanks for wanting to help this kitty. It does seem like it might have gone missing from home - a vet check and a chip scan does sound like a good idea. You may also want to take a picture of the kitty, head to a Kinkos type place, and put some posters about. Taking posters to the area vets is always a good idea when trying to reunite a kitty with its family.

If you want to contact local rescue organizations - either to see if they can take the cat, or as Pami suggested, you can try to sign up as a foster for the kitty so its care is paid for while you see if you can find its family.

This link: www.pets911.com will help you turn up organizations in your area.

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