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skin problems

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A few days ago I read here something about the lethal effect of treetea oil on cats.Today I stumbled over an ad when Iwas looking at e-bay articles.So I sent the seller a note about the lethal danger to cats from that oil. Hopefully the person ´will believe me or at least look up on the net where it´s called the catkiller.Iwouldn´t have known If I hadn´t browsed in the forums So a big thank you to the person who published it here. Idon´t know who it was and couldn´t find it Love to all 4pawfriends Elisabeth
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I have never even heard of Treetea oil. What exactly is it? It is great that you warned that person!!
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It is great skin care stuff, and is aromatic, also good for stuffy noses. It is also sometimes spelled Ti Tree Oil. I think is from Australia.
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Here's a link to a thread about this oil:

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