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RIP Missy =(

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Wednesday night my dear Missy left this world.... I tried everything I could to keep her here with me, but I guess it just was her time to leave....she died in my arms, and atleast knew I did everything I could to keep her alive! She passed at 3:30a.m, no vets in the city would bother coming back into the clinic to help me..... Still unknown as to why she passed, she was fine and healthy that morning, but that evening started getting sick and throwing up everywhere....started to get dehydrated, and everything I tried wasn't helping her.....I wish I could of gotten her the professional help that she needed, if only the vet would of believed me that she'd never make it threw the night....

Thursday morning I wrapped her body up, and put her in my car...and we drove 4hrs to get back home (since I moved away for school)....the instant I got home, I was greated my family....and we barried Missy....atleast now she's back home, where she was raised, and where her heart is.....her spirit will continue to carry on....

RIP Missy

When you came into my life,
took it over and made me,
you own,
I knew god had given me,
something wonderful,
It warmed me with its fire,
Like the warmth from your body.

How I really miss you so,
I can see you now as you strolled,
about, causing mischief all about.

My beloved now that voice is still,
The light from your eyes no longer,
shines and I can no longer hold you,
In these arms of mine; my
heart is with you yet,
though it causes me great pain,
and will till we meet again.

You were 7 weeks when you came,
Four years when you left,
To answer a call from up above,
And left me here,
Eventually we all have to go,
There is no choice in that,
When god calls, well that's that,
But you'll always be in my heart,
My little angel, princess, and baby.

Missy will never be forgotten, and be forever in my heart.... never be replaced, and always remembered for the love she shared with me.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your Dear Sweet Missy, I am sure she knows you did everything you could and how much you Loved her....RIP Missy at Rainbow Bridge and Look over your Mommy her Heart is Broken, You will be in my thoughts and prayers at this very hard time..
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I am so sorry - I know so well what you are going through. Missy died surrounded by your love, even though you were not able to save her. You will love her forever.
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Missy, She was truly beautiful
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RIP Missy!!
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i am so very sorry to hear this, it is so sad when we can't get a vet to listen to us. RIP little one, and send a sign down sometime soon.
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I'm so sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace Missy, play happily at Rainbow Bridge in peace and perfect health.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Missy was a truly beautiful girl and your tribute to her was so touching. RIP sweet Missy.
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I am so sorry for your loss of heart ached with you when I read your tribute to very touching

May you rest in peace at rainbow bridge Missy
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Oh Poor Missy.

Rest In Peace sweet one, play happily over the bridge.
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Oh my goodness this is so sad! Heaven is getting another gorgeous girl

Missy you were loved so much here on earth by everyone, but rest assured that you'll be loved just as much by all your new friends over at Rainbow Bridge

Have fun sweetie

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RIP Sweet Missy. Play happy and free over the Bridge.

Great tribute, sweetie.
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beautiful tribute & beautiful photo
i'm so sorry for your loss sweetheart sending (((hugs))) to you

RIP darling Missy & play happily over Rainbow Bridge
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I am so, so sorry for your sad and senseless loss . RIP at the Bridge Missy .
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I am very sorry for your sudden loss. What an awful time you and Missy had! She is at peace now. Deepest condolences.
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