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in heat already?

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Could my queen be in full heat already?

Her kittens are 6 weeks old today. And the momma is very noisy at first I thought its because she is trying to call the kittens to her, but she has also become very lovable. Although she is still not really wanting to be held.

I could not seem to do anything to quiet her today. Including feeding her, loving her locking the other animals from the kittens, corraling them for her. And even just totally leaving them alone. This is why I seem to think that she is in heat.

Could this be?
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Very, very possible that she's on heat. My Tam-tam went into heat 4 weeks after delivery an I had her spayed at 5 weeks!
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Can you get a nursing mother spade? or do you have to wait until she is done?
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my vet wouldn't spay lilly untill her kitten's were 7 week's , now i have hit money problem's so have to waite till next week i think it depend's on the vet
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My Queen went into heat at about 5 weeks after delivery. I believe you should wait until about 5 to 6 weeks to ween to get mama spayed but that is only a guess and someone with more knowledge should be along to answer you better soon.
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Most vets prefer to wait till the milk has dried up as there are less risks, and you shouldn't really get mum spayed till the kitts are eating well and are big enough to be left all day without mum. Plus there is the (very slight) risk of the anaesthetic, which makes it better to wait. But cats can come in heat as early as days after giving birth.
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Yes, its quite common for mixed breeds to come back into heat before they totally wean the kittens. Make sure she does not get outside at this time or she will wind up pregnant again. And its way too soon to be pregnant. Schedule a spay appointment as soon as possible. She can be spayed during heat, just that it might cost a little more.
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Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
Can you get a nursing mother spade? or do you have to wait until she is done?
You can get a lactating (nursing) cat spayed...but if she has no access to intact males and will not be able to get outside...then it is actually advisable to wait until the kittens are around 10 weeks of age to spay her. That way, mom has a chance to heal without having little ones still trying to nurse on her. However it is always a good idea to talk to your vet to determine when to spay your cat...some vets will spay a lactating cat...some will want to wait until the kittens are older.

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Good news
Mom cat is not in heat, seems she ran out of places to move the kittens in the back bedroom, so she was trying to coax them into a different room.

She and I were playing this game last night as soon as I found the kittens when I got home from work. I finally gave up, trying to convince her that I would win and that the bedroom was safest. So I closed off all rooms except living room and bedroom. The kittens prefer the bedroom but mommy wants them elsewhere. But all her noise making was her talking to the kits.

Thank you everyone though for you advise. I will be getting her spade as soon as I can afford it.
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