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I could not do it!

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Instead of the Bengal, I adopted 3 kittens that were going to be put down :o My wife said, "Three???" Yeah, it was an interesting conversation. Anyways here they are:

Makushin is the flame-tipped; he is the supreme honcho as well as the youngest. He is 10 weeks old and plays rough with all the others until submission; however, he is the one that is prone to following me around and greeting me at the door. Also. he has a very raspy meow and has extra claws.

Denali is the medium-haired chocolate point; he is a more reserved lap kitten. He will occasionally climb your shirt to lick you in the face. In addition, he is fast! When he chases the laser dot, he runs circles around the others and freaks them out.

Sitka is the one that looks like a snowshoe mix (extraordinary coloration in person; it is as though she has highlights.) She is very verbal and will let you know when something is not going her way, if you stop petting her and she is not done she will nip and paw your hand back toward her.

Anyways, more to come as time passes; it was hard to take a photo - they never stay still! Also, I am trying to figure out what type of breed they may have in them. And, it is hard transitioning them all from Iams to Chicken Soup; I hope none have bad reactions - I am doing it slowly.
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Congrats on your 3 new additions to your family. What a wonderfull thing you have done saved three lives and given them a forever home. They are beautifull
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Oh my gosh there beautiful did you get them from a shelter? I can't imagne putting them down, What a wonderful thing you chose to do. Are they related? I wish you all the best and lots of Joy with them, choosing to save 3 wonderful little lives before buying a kitty, 6 of my 8 are ones I rescued and I have never been sorry I did it. Keep us updated
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they're all beautiful, thank you for saving them <3
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Thank you so much for saving these wonderful little loves
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You did the right thing and they are absolutely beautiful!!!!
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What gorgeous babies!! What a great person you are to save them! I'm sure they'll love you forever
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What a wonderful thing you did, by adopting them and saving their life!! They are absolutely beautiful!!!
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OMG! All three are gorgeous!! I'm glad you picked them rather than the Bengal...I cannot imagine having to euthanize kittens!
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Can I say BEAUTIFUL! OMG.. They look sooo cuddly. And Bless you for taking on 3 new babys! I am sure they are happy to have a home!
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aww.............what cuties, and you are so special for saving those precious fur-balls

Enjoy every moment with them, I´m sure they´ll give you loads a lovin
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All three are lovely. I can't believe someone wanted to kill such pretty creatures. I'm sure they will be showing their gratitude to you for some time to come!
Are they littermates?
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Funny thing is they are not littermates. Sitka, was dumped on the side of a road with a puppy. Makushin was dropped off at the pound with littermates. Finally, poor Denali was found in the woods malnurished with his littermates :\\

They are a great bunch of kittens who have vastly different personalities, it is a barrel o' fun. Just bought a cat tree the other day and they are playing on constantly. The first day was a hand full of hissing and display of dominance, but now they are sleeping on top of each other and grooming one another. So, it could not be better; plus, they all have exactly they same color blue eyes - freaky!
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Good for you, and them! What a wonderful hearts you and your wife must have. Good luck with your little ones.
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They are just so gorgeous! Thank you for rescuing them, and for sharing them with us!
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they are SO cute! Thanks SO much for saving them!!
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Oh what gorgeous little babies!!!
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They are all gorgeous!!! I can't believe that they were going to be put down either.Some people just don't know a "good furbaby" when they find them.Thankfully YOU DID!!!
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Wow, what a wonderful thing that you did! Such beautiful babies.
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i would have guess them to be littermates.

My stewie was found with 4 other siblings under someones deck.
Since they were orphaned at 2 weeks of age i had a feeling they would be put down. I took in one, my mother a female, and then three others went to a pet store clerk who had taken in orphans in the past (bless her heart).

I see Jada (my mothers girl) all the time. she does look somewhat siamese but my Stewie looks more so than her.(they are a mix) I often wonder what the other littermates look like and if they are as nutty as my boy.

Congrats on the new addition to your family!

PS you should name on of your pets Yukon!
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Those kitties are absolutely stunning!!! I'm soo glad they found a wonderful forever home with you and your family!!!
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Yeah for the rescues! I just did the exact same thing, but actually I went to get two kitties and ended up with three, a large easy-going siamese mix, a 9 wk old frisky orange tabby, and a very ladylike 6 mos old snow tabby we call Sophie. The other two don't have names yet, the siamese mix has not yet come home he is getting fixed tomorrow.
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Oh my goodness!, look at those little angels Bless your heart for saving those three gorgeous little cherubs
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