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A near heart attack!

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So I don't think i've ever told anyone here on TCS but my 3 oldest furbabies - Monty, Heidy and Ozkar don't live me, they live with my grandfather, whom I used to live even after I finished school, so I could take care of him and watch him. Incoming selfish Aunts who only wanted me out because although they love him (hard to tell though) 2 of them are just waiting for my granpa to die so they can get the goods - I can't be there 24/7 now, so of course when he gets sick its MY fault. So I am kicked out and I live in a flat, which doesn't allow pets, although now I am breaking the rules with Sable, who does live with me.


The other day I was going over to my granpas to feed my furbabies and see them, and of course they know my car so they come running. Monty is the one who is the worse at this, he loves to sit in the middle of the road with no care, but only when I'm around. And yes, I let my cats outside, which is a risk but I can't bear to lock them up inside, and I mean no respect to those who choose to have indoor cats.
Anywho so i've just parked and Monty is sitting next to my door of the car. I was about to get out and I guess by instinct I check the side mirror, I see this car roaring up the road and Monty sitting in its way. I suddenly get this huge surge of fear and I just screamed out MONTY!!! I was so scared he was a goner. He saw the car or heard me, I don't know which and ran onto the pavement.
I felt awful afterwards, I still had that fear running through me and I was finding it hard to breathe. But he was ok and he got so many hugs and kisses after that, I was glad to still have him in my arms.

I feel very lucky. I couldn't help but to think of the what if's. I had already buried my dog from a road accident just 2 weeks before (he somehow slipped out). I didn't want to bury another furbaby.
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OMG I would have lost it...I'm sure your still just thinking what if..and your heart is still probably beating fast..

That is the scariest when pets do that...I had a dog that did that once..and its almost hard not to get mad at the animal when they don't listen right away because your so scared for them.
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oh goodness! what a scare....i'm glad everything is ok though . Would it be possible for you to have the kitties indoors only to prevent something tragic like that from happening in the future? I'm glad your sweet kitty is ok
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We lost a dog to a UPS driver hitting and killing him.He slipped out of the fence.
I'm glad he got out of the road and all is well.
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Thank God your story has a happy ending.............
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lol, yeah, I'm glad too all is well.

I really would like to keep them indoors, I really would, I worry myself sick over it every day. For the first 8 months I had them they weren't allowed outside, but eventually it got the point they would spend all day on the windowsill, trying to escape when anyone came in or out the door, and even meowing at the door. We gave it, it was too much, I didn't want to torture them any longer, they were unhappy. There is a danger with every pet, or child. And it sucks that there is danger with them being outside, but I would also do anything for they're happiness.
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